Customer Voice For Sammy Futura Synthetic Lace Front Wig

I just got a wig from It’s the Sammy Futura synthetic lace front wig. It comes wavy but is made of heat resistant fiber, so you can restyle it if you wish. It retails at $74,89.


I’m really impressed by how natural the hair looks. It’s not overly shiny, like synthetic hair tends to be, and it feels like real hair as well. If they told me it was human hair I would’ve believed it.

The wig is very full and has a beautiful length. At 12 oz, it is a bit heavy, but that’s to be expected of a wig with this thickness.


The wig has three combs that you can use to attach it to your wig cap, and has adjustable elastic straps in the back so you can customize the size of the cap. I have quite a large head so I don’t need the straps, but it’s nice to have that option!


That haircolor looks AMAZING on me! Ombre is Great for dark hair too, because I basically bleach it (damage it) only once, and then can just let it grow out and it will look awesome for months without having to dye the regrowth!

Even though it might be a little outdated, I love ton sur ton, wearing all the same colour. Especially when it’s black or beige. I want to wear more all-black outfits this autumn and winter. The challenge is to combine different materials and textures to create visual interest even when it’s all one colour. In today’s look I’ve tried to do just that: play with textures and some jewelry and make an interesting outfit, all in black!


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