How to Avoid Static From a Wig

Wigs, Hair extensions and hairpieces are made of mainly two types of materials sythentic and human hair. But the common problem to them all is static electricity, which is also very common to the natural hair. Uniwigs will offer you a much easy way to prevent and remove the static electricity problem.



1. Wash and dry your wig properly. Use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for wigs as they will keep the fibers clean and properly maintained. Rinse your wig thoroughly to remove all excess conditioner and shampoo before allowing it to air-dry on a wig stand. Using hair dryers on a wig can promote static buildup. Be sure to remove all tangles from your wig immediately after you take it off. Tangles can cause frizz and break the fibers of your wig.

2. Spritz cool water on your wig and pat it into place if there is static present before you put it on. You may also want to spray the inside of the cap to make sure there is no static in the fibers of the cap before you place it on your scalp.

3. Rub the wig gently with a fabric softener sheet. Fabric softener sheets help keep static out of your clothes and they will do the same for a wig.

4. Spray the wig with an antistatic spray if all else fails. You can use the type designed for use on clothing. Use as little as necessary to remove the static to prevent product buildup on your wig.


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