Do You Hate Your Natural Hair?

Have you noticed that you always think things of others are better than your, even when they are exactly the same? I guess it’s because that the grass is always greener on the other side. For hair, some people, who hold the thought their natural hair is not good as others, start to change the natural state of their hair and wear wigs, hair extensions or even change their original hairstyles into a totally different one.

Here are two super stars who hate their natural hair actually. You will never have thought that as a beauty like them, they should have experience like this.

Talor Swift. With a naturally curly brown hair in a school of most girls all have straight hair; will you feel different and especial? On the contrary, she felt left out of school just because of her curly hair. According to her words, she then had to choose to hide her natural curls and straighten them into the similar hairstyle to others.

As concerned her own favorite hairstyles, Taylor likes clean classic looks and enjoys wearing her natural curls in different styles which would work in harmony with her make-up and her clothing.

Talor Swift


On the other hand, Megan Park, the now 27-year-old actress and singer, had the perfection of curly hair when she actually had stick-straight hair when she was a teenage girl. She even wore a ponytail with her straight hair everyday just to conceal that she didn’t have curls on her hair.

Eventually she has accepted that straight hair has its own beauty and tries not to copy anyone else by now because she now realizes that her thick straight hair is resistant to frizz, easier to style and requires only minimal styling products to look beautiful.

Megan Park


It’s true that many people just think things of others are better than of them, without thinking that the things they own are a gift from God.

Do you hate your natural hair as well? Share with us the experience of how you fix the hair problem here!