Secrets to Beautiful Locks—just 5 foods away!

Ladies, how much do you long for shiny, smooth and super healthy hair?

Beautiful HairWe know that you may be facing the fact that the reality is way too much different to the ideal. Your hair may be damaged due to daily life like styling your hair with heat styling tools, sun exposure or exposing in the sun. So you give up trying? No, there’s still ways to have your hair vibrate and lustrous again.


Research says that eating healthy will benefit your hair and among all the foods in the world, 5 kinds of food can bring out the better effect. Let’s have a further understanding.



1. Leafy veggies in dark colors

Dark leafy veggiesThat will be a great assistance to eat more green vegetables like mustard, broccoli, cole and spinach since they contain a lot of nutrition like folate, vitamin C, iron and plant fiber. So never refuse to keep them in your daily recipe.


2. Orange colored fruits

Tropical FruitsEverybody knows that fruits are essential to a healthy diet in order to keep fit. But do you know that fruits with orang colors can also benefit up to your hair? We strongly recommend the fruits like lemons, mangos, bananas and persimmon. They are full of Vitamin A which can help enhance your scalp and benefit your hair in the growth and renewal of new skin cells.


3. Dairy products and Eggs

milk and eggsLow-fat dairy products including milk, yogurt, and cheese are not only packed with calcium, which is a necessary mineral for optimal hair growth and on the other hand they are full of plenty protein also benefits your hair.


Maybe you eat eggs just delicious or it’s an all-match to the dishes. But it’s actually a great helper to your hair because the protein it contains can help grow super healthy and vitamin B12 it contains can keep your hair away from going grey.


4. Beans and Nuts

Beans and nuts are famous for both their delicious favor and efficient nutrition of protein, iron, and zinc, which is really beneficial to your hair and scalp. Eat as much as legumes (kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans, etc.) and nuts will definitely be good to your health especially to your hair.


5. Abyssal fish

abyssal fish


Do you love abyssal fish? So delicious they are! But do you know that tuna, salmon and other abyssal fish are also good to you hair? They are rich sources of protein and omega 3 which can help your scalp renew hair and at the same time to protect your hair from dryness and fragility.


So keep a healthy and palatable diet and get glossy hair from this moment on!