Fashion Lace Wigs for African American Women

Although as the old sayings goes ”Time flies and things change”, lace wigs like full lace ones and lace front ones are still popular among African American women. And after Hollywood stars like Beyonce and Oprah Winfrey made their flawless tresses via full lace wigs in the public, more and more black women tends to purchase unique lace wigs of their very own.

As we all know, black women’s hair is very hard to style and straighten since it’s relatively thicker and curlier so most of them tend to choose to wear wigs. The problem is what kind of wigs will meet their demand.

Usually, there are 3 aspects you have to consider when choosing a lace wig.

1. The Color

One is hair color of the wig. Most people will choose the same color or at least a close color to their natural hair color when they search a wig. Since the colors popular among the black women are #1, natural black, #1B and #2, so be sure to select the right color.

Another is the lace color of the wig. The most commonly among African American women used lace color is brown and dark brown, because it matches their skin color perfectly.

2. The Hair Texture

Here are the mostly shared hair textures among the black woman:

Yaki Stright (or simply Yaki):

UniWigs yaki texture


Kinky curly:

Kinky Curly hair


Afro curly:

Afro curls


3. The Length

Well, some people like the length of their own hair while some may like the length that especially longer or shorter than their natural hair. That’s just up to you!


That’s it! Find the best lace wigs that suit you now!