Celebs and Their Hair Secrets

Over-styling, blow-drying, hair dye or perming may cause great damage to your hair. More and more celebrities have therefore begun wearing wigs and hair extensions in their daily life, and also on the red carpet.


Beyonce hair

Beyonce, in particular, is one celebrity who is often spotted wearing a wig. From time to time, these wigs vary in variety; with certain styles becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation.


Jennifer Aniston hair

Jennifer Aniston is renowned for having beautiful hair and although she doesn’t use a wig, she is, however, a big fan of incorporating hair extensions and weaves into her natural hair to create length, volume and body to her finished do.



Katy Perry blue hair

The Blue wig is Katy Perry’s favorite. She looks lively, young and fun with hergorgeous blue hair.


Tina Turner Wig

The Tina Turner Wig! Tina Turner is far from bald; in fact her natural hair is an Afro-Caribbean style, but besides the classic Afro, Tina’s been wearing wigs for years, through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.


Nicki Minaj green wig

Nicki Minaj is becoming just as famous for her inexhaustible menagerie of wigs as she is for her talent.


Lady-Gaga bow

It seems that every hour of every day Lady Gaga has a new wig on her head. Will she have blond hair, pink hair, multi-colored hair? We will never know.


Cher hair wig

Singer Cher happens to love wearing wigs too. Long, Red wavy hair is necessary for any Cher costume.


Nowadays wigs have become a hot accessory for the women of Hollywood, do you know anyone else who wears one? Let us know….