How to Level-up Brown Wigs

Selecting your natural hair color is always recommended when choosing a wig or topper. However, choosing isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There’s literally thousands of shades of all different colors to choose from, and while most wig companies select the most common, it’s still hard and a little risky when trying to match your exact tone. That’s why at Uniwigs we want to help solve the mystery of choosing the best color options by showing you what works and how colors are graded based on natural tone.

One thing you have to know is that not all hair manufacturers are the same. Lower grade hair is always more difficult to process and in turn, more difficult to turn into the right color. At Uniwigs, we use the highest grade natural human hair available to get the perfect shade every time. Even with our advanced manufacturing techniques, one thing to point out is that brown hair will always carry a reddish hue across the color spectrum. The reason for this is because the base color for manufacturing is a natural black. Turning black into a brown is a delicate process, which is why you should always choose Uniwigs for your wigs and toppers. Our shades of brown have the most natural look while retaining all of the quality and elements you expect in natural human hair.

Our G-2 shade of brown human hair is the closest shade to natural dark brown hair available on the market. If you prefer a slightly darker-muted look, we also offer 211 expresso brown. Now you’re asking yourself “Aren’t these two colors the same?”. The answer might surprise you. While it’s safe to say that to an untrained eye, these two colors are very similar in appearance, there’s just one detail that goes completely unnoticed and that’s the reddish hue we mentioned earlier in this article. Both colors offer the natural advantage of helping to blend in with your natural hair, but you’ll also want to consider your complexion combined with the “warmth” of your own hair tone before choosing between these two shades.

G-4 or 210?

Medium brown or Truffle Brown? They’re both the same right? Not exactly. As we mentioned before with our darker browns, it’s easier to see the different warmer and colder tones between these two brown’s. Medium brown is your typical cool tone brown that also happens to be the most common among buyers. From the pictures though, it’s easier to see as the tone of natural brown hair lightens, you’ll also find reddish hues within. Which brings us to our Truffle brown and how to decide between the two. Truffle Brown simply has warmer tone infused into the shade, which is a better option for those with a warmer complexion as well. You can see the difference side-by-side, but it’s even more important when wearing the hairpiece as the difference will help bring out your natural complexion.

At we have several options when it comes to choosing your perfect wig or topper. You can always speak to one of our helpful customer service agents as well. Our goal is to help you get your confidence back and there’s no better way than with a new wig or topper. We can also offer samples if you’re trying to get the exact match, or you can send us a sample of your hair and we can offer our professional recommendation and make sure you get exactly what you want and need.

Happy birthday to UniWigs – 6 Years Anniversary Sale

Time flies. It’s been a year since we celebrated our 5-year anniversary. It will become a tradition at that we will celebrate our birthday in August, and the sale will last for about a week with a big discount for all of our wigs and hairpieces. This time, all of the wigs, extensions and pieces are 28% OFF with the same code: Happybirthday.

happy birthday to UniWigs
happy birthday to UniWigs

So, do you know how to choose them or not? If you are new to UniWigs, you may want to know which product collection is the best and which wig or hairpiece is a hot seller in each of the product collections. The second point is easy to answer because you can find the “HOT” TAG on every page on our website. And for the first one, what we want to say that UniWigs is the best wigs online store, and that every product collection is the top three among all the wigs stores online. More than 100K followers on social media choose UniWigs as the fashion leader and the answer for the hair loss problem. You can find what customers said about us on Instagram, Facebook(even Facebook group),Youtube, Twitter etc. Also, search on Google or Bing. You can find many good reviews there, too.

Here, we want to highly recommend our trendy wigs collection for girls who want to change their looks every day. At UniWigs, you don’t need to buy many wigs to change your hairstyles. One wigs can be restyled as many times as you want. If you are looking for colored wigs for your back to school party, don’t miss them.

For women who suffer from hair loss, our hair toppers collection should be your best choice if you just want to look much younger and feel confident. And for women who want 100% remy and long-life hair, our human hair wigs collection can satisfy all your needs. One thing you may not know is that our hair extensions collection will update soon, so keep your eyes on our website. UniWigs will try our best to offer you the best wigs and hairpieces.

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Things you should know about Mens’ hairpieces – toupees

We have found that too little information about toupees can be found online. Actually, more and more men need toupees now. That’s why we have made this post. Here we will let you know the definition of toupee, celebrities who use toupees, what are the best and worse toupees, and how to choose a toupee online, etc.


So first of all, do you know the definition or meaning of the word, toupee?
Definition of toupee: a small artificial hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot.
While most toupees are small and designed to cover bald spots at the top and back of the head, large toupees are not unknown. Toupees are often referred to as hairpieces, units, or hair systems. Many women now wear hairpieces rather than full wigs if their hair loss is confined to the top and crown of their heads.


Many celebrities wear toupees.
Many, many people wear toupees, and more and more Hollywood stars do so due to hair loss problems. Try to search for “celebrity toupees before and after” on Google and you will find many famous celebrities who wear toupees. What we are trying to say is that wearing hair replacement systems is so common that you don’t need to be ashamed of needing one yourself.


Corey Stoll was a breakout, bald star of House of Cards and Midnight in Paris, so we were shocked to see him with a hairpiece in FX’s vampire thriller, The Strain. Luckily, the elaborate coif was just a plot device – his character shaved his head to go incognito in Season 2.

bloody picture after hair transplant
bloody picture after hair transplant

Celebrities always seem to lead fashion trends everywhere. But not everything can be copied. Have you read the post about Alex Beattie who shared bloody pictures of himself after having a hair transplant? By sharing a picture of himself with a bloody hairline following the painful procedure, Alex opened up to his 688k followers. It looked really painful. Not everyone can handle this. Why not just choose a hair replacement systems without pain or worry.


So How to choose a toupee online?
Before finding out how to choose a toupee, you should know which toupees are good and which are bad. Unlike the toupee definition, there is no fixed standard for the best and worst toupees. However, one thing can be said for sure is that protection of your scalp is the minimum requirement. Other standards such durability, dyeing and styling options, and ease of application and cleaning should be of high standards among high quality toupees, too. If you don’t know how to avoid the worst toupees, search online and you will find many negative customer stories.


Here at UniWigs, big news is that we will add 4 toupees to our line of fine hairpieces. Partly because it’s hard to find cheap, high-quality toupees online, but also because more and more women are asking for toupees for their husbands and fathers according to our Customer Service Department. Additional good news is that we will have a special offer and big sale for these hair pieces for men on Father’s Day 2018. Each of them has 7-8 colors that can be chosen from to match your skin tone. You can ask for custom-made pieces too.

Why hair topper beginners have so many complaints

We’ve received some complaints from hair topper beginners recently, and it seems that many people don’t know how to apply, wear and care for a topper. Before we discuss this, it’s important to become familiar with all the tips about hair toppers. Let’s see a complaint about UniWigs Toppers:

“First of all, it took me a lot of thinking before ordering this hair topper. This is the first time I buy \’something\’ to hide my thinning hair. Needless to say that I had great hope with this topper and really wanted it to work for me as a last resort. I ordered the silk base Claire topper in 14 inches colour 1B. I really wanted to get a nice topper for my first entry into this \’world\’. The hair itself is very sleek, straight, dense and shiny. However, after several attempts to have it properly positioned on my head, it does not look natural and comfortable (rigid). In the base (hidden part), thick bunches of hair are sticking out straight, which make the hair on top not sitting flat on my head with a weird \’hat\’ effect or \’pointy skull\’ effect. Maybe the curve of the cap also does that. I also find the free parting difficult to achieve with this piece. This is definitely not an entry piece. Beginners should perhaps start with cheaper pieces. Maybe it takes a lot of tweezing and cutting to arrange it to your liking but then it becomes ineligible for return. I was amazed by the great results achieved by the other women in their reviews and I am so disappointed to remain without a solution while losing money on top of that (shipping costs to Europe around 30$ + return costs + 15% restocking fees!).”

UniWigs Amber with bangs
UniWigs Amber with bangs

What a pity. Actually, there is no problem about the topper. The quality is good. The only problem here is that she doesn’t know how to apply a topper. We recommend this:

1.If you are new to hair toppers, you should look through the tips and videos about how to apply a topper. Learn how to wash and how to care for one. The more knowledge you have, the better. In, you can find these tips here: or you can find more videos on our YouTube channel, @uniwigs. Also, if you can’t find the tips you need, our customer service can help you. The email is: or just click the button“Live Chat”.
2.If you have any friends who also suffer from hair loss and she is a hair topper wearer, go ahead and ask her for some tips. She may give you some good advice that you can’t find online.
3.Finally, browse some real reviews from others about the topper. Reviews from other customers may help a lot. Because different toppers require different care and have different restyling tips, finding one that is perfect for your hair color and hair loss needs online is really not so easy.

Use code Blog10 to get 10% OFF for all of the hair toppers.


So we will go on with the last section Part I by dialogue Question& Answer.


Q: How can I order the right color with my hair?
A: We can make custom color as your hair color. But you will be highly recommended to order the 60# white blonde or 613# platinum blonde which you can ask the hair dresser to dye the color as you like. This will be much easier and better to match with your hair.

Q: My hair color is kind of medium brown. But your website is only for black colors. Can I just order the Natural black and dye to the medium brown?
A: We don’t suggest you to order the natural black if your hair color is medium brown which is lighter. It will need to bleach the hair and this will damage the hair. So you can order the 613# platinum blonde and dye it directly.

Q: My wig sheds a lot. I only wear for two month.
A: I am so sorry to hear this problem. Can you please advise have you ever done treatment or how did you usually care it?

Q: Well, normally twice washing each month and I usually sleep by braiding after the washing.
A: Madam, we didn’t recommend that sleeping when the hair is wet. The wig is more durable if you use the wig stand and drying in the shade.

Q: This piece was suppose to have bleached knots and it didn’t have them.
A: Hi, madam. Sorry for the problem. You ordered the lace closures with Natural Black color. We normally bleach a little on them since firstly need to make sure the product quality. If the knots are bleached too much and you will have the shedding problem soon.

Q: Ok, so how can I fix this problem?
A: Madam, please put some foundation on the parting to be more natural. And that will cover the knots well.
Q: I will have a try then. Thank you very much.

Any other question, ask me freely!

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As a Customer Service on, so many questions has been asked. So today I am gonna summarize and offer you guys the necessary information at “Question & Answer”:

hair toppers
hair toppers

Q: What should I buy to cover my head, I have thinning hair on top and crown.
A: Dear Madam, we highly recommend you to order the hairpieces for the hair loss.
Totally there are lace closures and mono toppers. Lace closure will be more popular for the brown or darker skin. But mono toppers are more for white or pale skin.

Q: I wanna the lace closures but not the toppers. But there is no blonde or light shade color I can choose.
A: We are sorry for the inconvenience. Madam, please note that we can make the custom color for you, which the extra cost will be $30-$50 more.

Q: Can I ask to sew clips on it so that I can clip in?
A: There is the “Clip in” selection on the product page which you can choose. The price will be $5 more.

Q: But I need help for how to choose the right hairpiece.
A: Please measure the front hairline to back and side to side you need to cover. That will be the right dimension you need to order.

Q: The hair topper I ordered is kind of too small and thin, people can see my bald crown.
A: Hair toppers aim to cover the top of our head, and the mono top will give you the more natural parting line on the front. If you want to cover the crown part, you may need to order the bigger dimension which can across your crown or you can ask the higher density for the topper which will be the custom product.

How Do People from Different Countries Celebrate the New Year’s Day?

New Year’s Day is the first day of the Year 2014. How do you celebrate to embrace the beginning of a year? Since people from different countries have their own ways to celebrate this special day, we are here to expose some of the interesting ones.

1. How do people in India celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Cry for the short life. New Year’s Day is a day of crying or a day of fast food. People are nor allowed to be angry with other on this day and some even cry to people they come across instead of “celebrating” because they think the beginning of another year a symbol of time’s passing and they are crying on the past year and their short life.


2. How do people in Finland celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Pour molten lead into cold water to divine the year ahead from the shape the metal sets in. This is kind of superstitious. But the Finnish believe that if the shape is like a boat, then they will start a journey in the new year, while if it’s round like a ball, there will be good luck fall on them. Anyway, they will hold hope in doing this divination.


3. How do people in Denmark celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Stand on chairs and jump off in unison as the clock strikes at midnight and throw plates at their friends’ homes during the New Year’s Eve. The former represent that they have stride over the past year. As for the later, the more the pieces of plates are, the more popular the householder is it means.


4. How do people in Netherlands celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Build massive bonfires with their Christmas trees and eat sugary donuts. Most people tend to eat round foods in the the New Year’s Day because in their perspective, foods in round shape means good luck.


5. How do people in Spain celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Gobble a dozen grapes before the stroke of midnight. According to the Spanish tradition, each grape represent each month of the year and if the grape tastes sweet, then that respective month will be smooth while acrid grape indicates the month will be terrible.


6. How do people in South America celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Wear brightly colored underwear to attract fortune. For them, red ones will bring love and yellow colored will lead them to success in economy.


What about people around you? We would like to hear from you.

And never forget to check out New Hairstyles of and know more about the New Arrivals there! It says that, new hairstyles will bring good luck, too!