How Do People from Different Countries Celebrate the New Year’s Day?

New Year’s Day is the first day of the Year 2014. How do you celebrate to embrace the beginning of a year? Since people from different countries have their own ways to celebrate this special day, we are here to expose some of the interesting ones.

1. How do people in India celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Cry for the short life. New Year’s Day is a day of crying or a day of fast food. People are nor allowed to be angry with other on this day and some even cry to people they come across instead of “celebrating” because they think the beginning of another year a symbol of time’s passing and they are crying on the past year and their short life.


2. How do people in Finland celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Pour molten lead into cold water to divine the year ahead from the shape the metal sets in. This is kind of superstitious. But the Finnish believe that if the shape is like a boat, then they will start a journey in the new year, while if it’s round like a ball, there will be good luck fall on them. Anyway, they will hold hope in doing this divination.


3. How do people in Denmark celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Stand on chairs and jump off in unison as the clock strikes at midnight and throw plates at their friends’ homes during the New Year’s Eve. The former represent that they have stride over the past year. As for the later, the more the pieces of plates are, the more popular the householder is it means.


4. How do people in Netherlands celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Build massive bonfires with their Christmas trees and eat sugary donuts. Most people tend to eat round foods in the the New Year’s Day because in their perspective, foods in round shape means good luck.


5. How do people in Spain celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Gobble a dozen grapes before the stroke of midnight. According to the Spanish tradition, each grape represent each month of the year and if the grape tastes sweet, then that respective month will be smooth while acrid grape indicates the month will be terrible.


6. How do people in South America celebrate the New Year’s Day?

Wear brightly colored underwear to attract fortune. For them, red ones will bring love and yellow colored will lead them to success in economy.


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