How do I take care of my wig?

Wig care, in fact, contains two aspects of daily care and cleaning. In fact, many consumers who have bought wig products have such questions, wig bought back, styled perfectly, after wearing for a long time, because of a variety of reasons wig hairstyle becomes unnatural, want to clean up but do not know how to operate is right; and some because of wearing a long time, want to clean the wig, but do not know how to operate. Here, we will separate for everyone to explain how to do the usual daily care and cleaning of the wig.

1. Daily care

The wig is different from our own hair, whether it is an artificial chemical fiber material wig or real hair material wig, over time will become dry, static electricity, which leads to wigs become hair frizzy, knotted, the shape becomes unnatural. To wigs to avoid these problems, we must usually do a good job of daily care.

The following are considerations for daily care.

① wig storage

Remove the wig, do not fold or knead the wig into a ball and throw it aside, which will cause the knotting of the hair and damage the wig shape, resulting in the next time can not wear it. The correct method of operation is to take down the wig with a wig comb and smooth hair (if the wig is curly hair styling, it is best to use your hands to smooth it, it is best not to use a comb), if there is a wig special bracket, you can put on the wig special bracket, which will not cause the knotting of the hair, but also save time after the next wear care, if not, you can follow the direction of the hair wig coiled up in the bag If not, you can put the wig in a bag in the direction of the hair, it is also possible.

② Use wig care solution

Why should I use the wig care solution? Readers who have read our period click silk articles should have noticed that we repeatedly mention the point that wigs are different from our own hair. Our own hair because of the body’s nutrient supply, the scalp will secrete oil, protect the hair from damage, not easy to knot, and can effectively prevent static electricity. But these are wigs do not have, all we need to use wig care solution, before and after wearing the wig can spray a small amount of wig care solution, both to make the wig hair soft and shiny at the same time, but also to effectively prevent hair knots, static electricity problems.

2. wig cleaning

① wig in the cleaning before you need to use the first comb smooth hair.

② prepare warm water, soak the wig in warm water for 5-10 minutes, the water temperature is controlled at about 20 °, should not be too hot, because the temperature is too high hot water will lead to hair deformation, destroy the original shape.

③ Add the right amount of shampoo or body washes in the water, press the way to clean in the direction of the hair, do not rub hard, and machine wash.

④ wig press cleaning, rinse with water, the same technique as cleaning, cleaning until no foam can be.

⑤ with a dry towel-wrapped wig to press dry the moisture on the hair, not hand wringing or washing machine drying.

⑥ will be cleaned wigs on the wig special bracket, placed in a cool place in the house air dry, not in the sundry. (cleaned can also be wig care solution evenly sprayed on the wig, and then combed with a wig special comb)