What is a Mono Hair Topper?

Mono hair topper is a wig cap built on which a fine layer of colorless microfilaments is inserted at the crown, parting, or top area. Every strand of hair is individually attached to the cap in order to mimic a natural hair look. Hair is an integral and noticeable aspect of the human body because it is associated with beauty and youthfulness in women. Therefore, it is not surprising that hair loss or thinning can make women feel unconfident and self-conscious.

However, now Uniwigs have solved the problem by introducing aesthetic and realistic hair toppers. It is a well-known leading hair accessory brand with high quality and durable wigs. Here you can find wigs of all types, styles, colors, and stuff. With the most suitable hair topper, you can regain the previous look with no artificiality hint.

Benefits of Mono Hair Topper

Primarily mono toppers were introduced as medical wigs to help those dealing with severe hair loss due to cancer or other medical illness. No, it has expanded its range and has become a center of attraction to those with sensitive scalps and thinning hair because

  • It gives a natural look with a transparent layer of mesh. This wig creates the illusion that hair grows from the scalps, giving a realistic look.
  • The handmade construction of the mono hair topper facilitates the free movement of the hair fibers enhancing the natural aesthetics of the wig.
  • It is a comfortable, lightweight, soft, and breathable wig suitable for everyone, including those with medical issues.

Uniwigs ensure to produce premium quality wigs encapsulated with all the perks mentioned above and enhance your appearance.

Best Mono Hair Toppers

If you want to improve your damaged hair look due to hair loss and hair thinning, Uniwigs is the ideal place for you. They offer a wide range of wigs for all hair types. Here are some of the best mono hair toppers you might consider.

1. Wavy Upgrade Claire Plus

It is one of the finest wigs made up of original Remy hairs. It is a wavy version of Claire with golden blonde highlighted permanent waves. Therefore, you can use straightening and curling iron to straighten or style the hair. After one wash, it will return to its original shape.

In order to provide a realistic look and comfortable experience, this upgraded Claire plus is designed with 4.5″ front lace and wefted back with a 6.5″ x 6.5″ base size for maximum coverage. It possesses an adjustable wire feature that easily fits around your head and takes some pressure off the wig to relieve scalp tension.

Wavy upgrade claire plus features the hair approximately 16 inches in length. Moreover, its average length and high density make it ideal for styling and open wear.

2. Curly Claire Mono Topper

Claire is a top crown mono-based hair wig with curly wave texture made of high-quality natural human hair. Unlike messy and time-consuming wigs, it is ready to wear an invisible-based hair top that saves plenty of time from your busy life. Moreover, the Curly claire mono topper also takes care of your comfort level with pressure density strategically placed clips that offer a secure and comfortable fit.

A natural and realistic look is the primary concern of mono hair tops; therefore this wig provides the base of 5.5 x 5.5 inches and 16 inches long hair for maximum coverage and density. It is made of 100% Remy human hair, ensuring the finest quality and heat resistance texture that allows you to style the hair according to your needs.

3. Melanie Human Hair Topper

The Melanie mono hair topper with chocolate caramel strands comes with a super large base of 8.5 x 9 inches, making it suitable for people suffering from partial or total hair fall. It is designed to add tremendous volume and coverage at the crown with 100% Remy human hair that merges with your natural hair to provide a pretty realistic appearance. It features a mono top and is wefted, making the topper comfortable and breathable.

This hair wig has a straight texture that is less likely to get tangled and can be styled according to the occasion and requirement. This hair topper comes in different sizes and colors to facilitate you to design your look and even get it customized as your preference.

4. Hope Wavy Synthetic Mono Hair Topper

Hope wavy synthetic mono hair topper is a unique light brown blend with dark blonde color with remarkable high quality product. This mono hair topper can easily be set with four pressure-sensitive clips to align with natural hair. It offers a super large 8.5 x 9 inches base suitable for patients dealing with advanced staged hair loss. It effectively conceals baldness with the top as well as parting coverage. The Hope Wavy hair topper has plenty of 16 inches long hair to style with a perfect volume on the top.

This topper features a wefted back, monofilament top, and a lace front that provide a natural look making the hair uncanny to real human hair. This ready-to-wear wig complements your look and life by saving time.

5. Paola Hair Topper

Paola hair topper is one of the most popular toppers at Uniwigs. It is an attractive hair accessory with a lace front to create a realistic hairline and facilitate the user with off-the-face styling. It offers an uncanny, virtually invisible base that creates the illusion that hairs grow directly from the scalps. It’s 100% human hair construction complements its natural aesthetics.

This topper features four pressure-sensitive, strategically placed clips to offer a secure and comfortable fit. With perfect hair length and volume, you can do styling according to your need. This is a ready-to-wear topper suitable for all people with any hair type.


Mono hair toppers are getting sparked in the market due to their comfortable and uncanny look. However, it is challenging to find a durable, high-quality topper in the market that can give a long run. Therefore, to assist you, we have mentioned some best natural hair and premium quality wigs available at Uniwigs, a well-known hair accessories brand. We are sure that from here, you will find a suitable wig that will ensure your good hair day.