How to keep your wig fresh

• First and foremost, as you as you buy a suitable wig (lace wig, full lace wig) for your personality, you need to buy the proper accessories for caring your wig such as wig comb, wig brush, wig shampoo, wig stand, and conditioner.

• Making your wigs tables-free, spray conditioner on it and brush it. Also, you need to comb your wigs starting at the ends, not the roots.

• As wigs are delicate, store it in a closet or in a closed space. Keep them on a wig stand at room temperature for its long durability.

• To make your wigs stylish by using hair spray formulated.

• When you spray your wigs with cool water and brush with a wig brush, the volume of the wigs get reduced.

• If you have a synthetic hair wig, it is necessary not to use any heat sources like a blow dryer, a curling iron, or a hot roller.

• Always wash your wigs after 12/15 wearings. Guidelines vary for washing your wig. Generally, it should be washed every 30 wearings or four to six weeks, but it also depends on your lifestyle. If you’re around heavy smoke, perfume or strong odors of any kind, you should wash it more often.