Step by Step tutorial on How to install Lace closure

Step by Step tutorial on How to install Lace closure

This all began when I started thinking about my next hairstyle. I knew I wanted a sewin, but I did not want to sit for long periods of time to do it. I looked on YouTube and saw that a lot of youtubers were making U-part wigs. I wanted to try my hand at making one, so I went to the beauty supply store to pick up some materials and I saw a Remy lace closure. I always wanted to try a lace closure, so I thought instead of making a U-part wig I could add the lace closure so that I would not have to leave a lot of my hair out.

Whenever I do my sewin it literally takes me forever and a day lol, plus my leave out gets slightly damaged from flat-ironing it so much (I don’t like a HAIR out of place!). I find that with this wig, I only spend 30 minutes to sew it down around the perimeter of my head, it lays flatter than my sewins, and I don’t leave as much of my hair out.

    – Hair ( 2 packs of Natural Yaki Remy hair and a lace closure)
    – Comb (preferably a rattail comb)
    – Sewing needle
    – Thread
    – Wig Cap (I purchased my wig cap from Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $4. It comes with adjustable straps in the back, which helps the wig fit more snug on your head)
    – Scissors
    – White makeup pencil
    – Styrofoam mannequin head (optional, but I highly recommend as it makes the process easier. I purchased mine from Sally’s for about $4)
    – Tacs (helps to pin the wig cap in place on the mannequin)
    – First I tweezed the part of the closure to make it a little bit wider than it was when I received it because it didn’t look as natural as I wanted it to look
    – Next I tried on the wig cap to see how it fit and placed the lace closure on top of the wig cap to see where I wanted to place it
    – I took a white pencil to outline the lace closure on the wig cap to use as a guideline for where I wanted to sew the lace closure onto the cap
    – Take the lace closure and wig cap off, place the wig cap on the mannequin (be sure to stretch the wig cap further than the size of the mannequin head and pin it in place with the tacs. I did this because my head is bigger than my mannequin head and when I put the wig on after sewing the hair to it, I didn’t want to pop the thread by stretching it)
    – Put lace closure into a ponytail to make it easier to work with, then place the lace closure on the wig cap within the guidelines that you drew
    – Sew the lace closure to the wig cap
 – Next sew hair on to the wig cap starting from the nape and working your way up towards the lace closure (try not to cut the weft much, as this helps to reduce shedding)
    – When sewing hair onto wig cap, make sure that you space the hair just enough so that you don’t have too much hair in one spot, but be careful not to space hair so much that when you run your fingers through it you can see the spaces lol
    – Also another tip is to curve the tracks when you get to the front perimeter of the wig cap because it looks more natural if you decide to pin your hair back.
    – I left a little bit of my hair out in the front of my head because I didn’t want my closure to look unnatural. Behind my leaveout, I cornrowed my hair.
    – I placed the wig on my head and sewed it down along the cornrows that were around the perimeter of my head.
    – The wig cap that I purchased has adjustable straps, so after sewing the wig in, I pulled the adjustable straps so that the wig would fit snug on my head.
    – Since this is my first lace wig application, I had to go through a trial and error phase. As a result, initially my closure did not lay as flat as I would have liked it to because I did not sew the front of the lace closure to my wig cap so that I would not ruin the lace. So I purchased some Ultra Hold from the beauty supply store and glued the lace wig to the lace cap.
    – Since I did not bleach the knots on the closure, I took my Black Opal Stick Foundation in “Truly Topaz” and applied a little bit of that on my closure as well as my real part to make sure that my part looked more natural. Then I lightly blended it in with my finger.

PHEWWW!!! That was a lot lol. But I love the results. It obviously will not look as natural as your real hair, but in my opinion it comes pretty darn close to it.

I think that this is a great protective style if you are trying to go natural because you really don’t need to leave any of your hair out in the front. I chose to leave hair out in the front because I don’t have as much experience with lace closures and wigs, so I went the easy route and left hair out in the front. I have received a lot of compliments on this wig, especially when I tell people this is a wig that I made and not a sewin lol. Secretly I am becoming ADDICTED to closures!