A Cute Festival Hairstyle

A Cute Festival Hairstyle
In this article I will show you a hairstyle that not only looks good but also is perfect for withstanding warm weather and a lot of dancing.
To make braiding easier, I strongly recommend that you first wash your curls, but not add any styling products to it. This way your curls are going to stay in the braids a lot better thus enabling this hairstyle to last longer.
You need 2 small hair ties, some bobby pins, (real) flowers.
Step-by-step tutorial
1. Take a small section of curls from the side of your parting line.
2. Start braiding.
3. Always add a little bit of hair when crossing a section underneath until your braid reaches your ear.
4. Fix your braid with a small hair tie.
5. Now, part all of your curls into three section:
6. Start braiding
7. As soon as you feel like it’s easier to braid with the braid in front, move it to the front and finish braiding it. Secure the end of your braid with a hair tie.
8. Cut the hair tie you tied the braid with. Make sure all of your curls are secure in either one of the braids. If you feel like some of them are a bit loose, secure them with bobby pins to make sure your hairstyle holds up.
9. You could stop here, but since it’s a hairstyle for a festival, I suggest you add some flowers to it.
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