Quick Weave Tutorial with Uniwigs Clip in Hair Extension


Youtube beauty gurus Miss Kooch will show you guys today a quick weave type of hair tutorial with uniwigs.com high quality human hair

SKU: E918001BW-G-1B

Color: G-1B(Off Black)


To achieve the same effect Miss Kooch shows in the video, you need to use two sets of the clip ins.

It is a good universal type of style if you do not want to have anything permanent and do not want any glue on your hair and I think it is really a healthy option and you can sleep in because the clip ins are really comfortable

1. Braid all you natural hair to a circle around your head.

2. Clip all the two sets of clip ins in the braid circle.

3. Use curler to create the beautiful wave you want.

So basically just clip the clips in on and you can take it off. You do not have to have it permanently and it just gives you wave and your hair is actually healthy underneath because it is curl rolled already.

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