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UniWigs Salon Program, as a leading online wigs ( along with hair extensions and hair pieces) retailer, has long been preparing for providing its service to the local salons to continental United States so that almost every lady can get the most suitable products from UniWigs more conveniently and can enjoy the repairing service as soon as possible if necessary.

For salon owners, has great resources with 6 big advantages including: over 1,000 styles of over 300 colors, 100% custom designs for customers, top quality semi-finished wigs, 100,000 ready-to-wear products, over 100,000 followers on its entire social media and free training courses on for all the salon members.

Once you joined the salon program, you can enjoy salon prices up to 50% off on all the products on the site. in addition, all the resources mentioned above will your advantage to your business in the future.

Therefore, that will be a big opportunity for salon owners to greatly expand business of your salon, improve skills of your hairstylists and increase your profit dramatically to join UniWigs Salon Program.