The season of fall – how to avoid hair loss

It’s so good to embrace September: it means autumn has come! But have you noticed that as it becomes cooler, your hair not only looks bad but speeds up to lose? Are you experiencing annoyance when you wake and see those fallen hair on your pillow, on your bed, in the bathroom? Are you feeling powerless to see your hair becoming thin and withered with the ends split?
Hair Loss
If either of your answer is yes, then you should have to find the reasons and the solutions.

Do you know that hair has its regulations of growth with marching seasons? In spring, with fitting temperatures and moisture, hair grows faster than the other three seasons. While when it goes cooler in autumn, hair grows very slow even stop growing. In addition, in late summer or early autumn, hair in resting state occupies a big proportion, which is a main reason of autumn hair loss.

Besides, people sweat a lot in hot summer due to the high temperature; while in autumn suffer a lot because of dry weather and less sebaceous gland secretion, and their hair cannot gain moisture in time, thus result in dry hair, losing luster and falling off.

Apart from some diseases or medical treatment, the most widely spread reason for hair loss is stress, either from daily life or the work, or even both. Most people are experiencing hair loss due to the autumn depression, which is surely a danger to hair.

So you know the reasons, which would be easier to solve the problems of hair loss.

Here are some tips for your reference:
Keep healthy diet and drink more water in autumn. Do not worry if your hair loss is within relatively normal volume.

When you should go out, wear a hat or take a mist spray with you. Or if you want a fashionable hairstyle without damaging you hair, a wig is just a suitable alternative.
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Don’t wash your hair too frequently, two or three times a week is optimal. And remember to use nourishing and moistening shampoo when you have to wash your hair.

Most importantly, keep in good mood and duly handle your business with others, of course with yourself. That would be very significant to stay in the best mood and stay with beautiful hair!


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