2013 Hair Color Trends

Hey Guys,what color do you wannadye your hair to welcome the coming new year?

The following are some of the upcoming 2013 hair color trends. If you are interested in them, just make a selection now!


Reverse Ombre– In most cases bleached hair is unwantedly followed by dark roots. In recent years with the likes of Shakira, A touch of style has been added to the bleach blonde dark root look. Now introducing the reverse style, blonde roots with darker tips. Reversing a style is an individual choice that creates uniqueness.

Reverse Ombre

Rainbow Color Streaks– Who doesn’t like rainbows eh? When you wearcoloredstreaks in the sunshine, it’s guaranteed you’ll be drawing the most attention on the street.

Dip-Dyed Ends


Long wavy red hair with side bangs – This color can give your skin a natural glow. The side bangs can provide you with a mature, classy more elegant look.

Long wavy red hair with side bangs


Dip-Dyed Ends– An increasingly popular style since celebritiessporting it appeared in magazines and the 2012 red carpet. We can see, this color will be a popular trend among the public in 2013.

Dip-Dyed Ends


Whole Headed Bright & Bold Hair Colors– Extreme colors including pink, red and purple will be more and more popular in 2013. Making its wearers look more daring, energetic, young and vibrant.

Whole Headed Bright &Bold Hair Colors