The Best Type of Hair Extensions for You

Today’s world is a fashion world. From the head to the feet, everyone, longs for the most fashionable elements. Almost every day there are various fashion shows to opening around world. Hair styles are an important element in today’s fashion design. Hair extensions can lengthen your hair and volume, changing your hair texture in very little time. Hair style plays an important role in obtaining your best look.


So how do you choose the best type of hair extensions for you? First you will need to take into consideration how long you are going to wear the extensions, what type of hair you have. and then decide what would be the best hair extension for your situation.


As we know, hair extensions include many types. But according to the application amounts, there are three main types: hair weaves, clip in hair extensions and fusion hair extensions.

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The clip in hair extension should be the most popular type among them, and it depend on some benefits. This kind of hair extensions are attached to your hair by using a special kind of clip. They are the quickest way to apply to your hair, and also the easiest to remove, and therefore this type of hair extension could be you’re the best choice if you want your extensions in your hair in a short time.


Another advantage of clip ins is that there is much less chance for damaging your own hair, If you have a proper care method, clip in hair extensions can last for a very long time.

The Best Type of Hair Extensions for You

Hair weaves is the method where extensions are actually woven into your hair. Normally, it need to be done at a salon or other specialists. They use a needle to sew the extensions onto strands of your own hair. It need take long time to finish it. Also, there is a quite uncomfortable feeling when wearing it. So hair weaves have become out of fashion as the time pass by.


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Fusion hair extensions there are also named as tip hair or bonded hair. They have tips with a special type of chemical on them. It also need to be done at a salon or specialists. They use an applicator gun to cause these tips, and then fuse to your own hair. This is a chemical process. Obviously, it will damage your own hair, but the amount is a little. Also, the price is much lower than hair weaves. The weight is very little, you will not feel the exist of them when you wear them. It also can give you a highlight color. Thus, your hair can become very fashionable when wearing it. This kind of hair extension become very fashionable in recent years.


Nowadays, people prefer to the products with lower prices and more comfortable, and extensions can be applied to hair in a short time. These are just the features of Clips in extensions and fusion hair. So they will be more and more popular in the future.

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