New Advanced Non-Surgical Hair System for Men!

Experiencing hair loss is quite difficult for most individuals, especially for men! But now there is good news – You can look and even feel like you are back to normal when you use advanced hair system for men that’s designed with you in mind. Have you ever wondered how some Hollywood stars who we know have hair replacement look so natural, so fantastic that if we didn’t have before and after photo’s we would never of known they were actually in hair replacement. Well thanks to advance hair system that can help you look like a Hollywood star to. So, if you have already tried all of your other options and experienced little or no results, or fed with all the surgical procedures of hair replacement, the ideal way is to get rid of these right now and look into one of the hair replacement systems available, such as men toupee.

Now you can get the mono top wigs or toupees, which are more like the monofilament wigs. Being an easiest solution, the UNIWIG’s toupee have already found a worldwide market, with men as its principal consumers. Though a little expensive, these products are awesome in terms of design, quality and texture. They offer amazing comfort, which too add to its convenience quotient. But, before we go forward with this topic, we need to know what these toupees are and how they make a convenient solution for men.

How Advanced Hair System for Men are Beneficial?
Most wigs available on the market these days are machine-made and quite obviously have fabric caps. On the contrary, the perimeter toupee are made of monofilament or lace system wigs. It comes in the form of a toupee or a cap, which comfortably sits on your head. It is manufactured from a special material that is thin, transparent and obviously feels incredibly smooth when touched. In fact, it looks no different from the natural hair of a person. In a monofilament wig, each hair strand is skilfully hand knotted or patched to the cap, so that it helps them move freely.

It leaves no doubt that the toupee wigs are extremely convenient. It’s because they are actually manufactured from real human hair. Weaving real hair strands into a monofilament cap takes a good deal of time. Moreover it takes time to sit properly on the base. In fact, the toupee alternatives are way better than most of the top- quality wigs, which are made from synthetic materials. Unlike these wigs made of synthetic fibers, these are durable. After all, normal human hairs are more durable and effective than synthetic fires.

How Many Types of Advanced Hair System for Men?

1.Welded Mono with Thin Skin Perimeter
Welded mono with thin skin perimeter, probably the most durable and most recognized hair replacement system for men on the market. These style systems have been available for years but have been improved and updated along the way. The thin skin perimeter allows for more durability and the monofilament top acts as the lace would but with far more life expectancy. This hair replacement system is more suitable for those with medium to heavy density hair. Can also be ordered with or without a lace front. Below is the best example of this product:

Lapetus | Mono Hair System for Men

This fine hair system for men just look like your own hair and among the most popular yet durable hair system at UNIWIGS.

2.Skin Base Hair Replacement System
This is the most natural-looking skin system available today. This system gives the appearance of your own skin and is available in several skin tones to match your own. Also, with the way the hair is injected into the skin base gives the appearance that the hair is growing directly from your scalp. This base is suitable for people who have extra light to medium density hair.

The hairline will not be as natural as the full lace hair replacement systems, so this is also more suitable for those who wear their hair down or have a fringe, or it can be ordered with a lace front to give that natural looking hairline. Below is the best example of this product:

Uranus | Thin Skin Hair System for men

Above toupee has 0.03mm think skin base, making it incredibly comfortable, light, transparent, and thinnest skin in the market that resembles and looks like your natural hair.

3.Full Lace Hair Replacement System
The full lace hair system is probably the most natural and undetectable system on the market today, as they are ultra-light and very comfy to wear. They are is ideal for those who have light to medium hair density. The Hollywood lace is ultra-fine and allows you to wear your hair up and gives a perfect, natural-looking hairline. Below is the best example of this product:

LEO | Lace Front Hair System for Men

Above hair toupee system offers your undetectable rich hair, which satisfies most men’s hair loss problem, thanks to its 130% density, making it perfect for all who’d like to enjoy supernatural hair.

4.Lace Front with Skin Perimeter Hair System
The full lace with a thin skin perimeter is just as good as the full lace but with more durability but still ultra-light and very comfortable to wear. The thin skin perimeter helps you get more wear out of this system and still looks just as good as any other hair replacement system. This hair system is more suitable for you if you have light to medium density hair and with the front hairline still being Hollywood lace, you can wear your hair up and still appear to have a natural and undetectable hairline. Below is the best example of this product:

Atlas | Lace with Skin Perimeter Hair Toupee

This is another firm favorite style at UniWigs, allowing the consumer to securely tape and experience the fuller and natural look of hairs even after hair loss.

Now thanks to hair replacement systems, you too can look like a Hollywood star at only a fraction of the cost of what the high street salons are charging. With prices starting from $95, you can rest assured that hair replacement systems are the company for you.

hair loss occurs only on the natural hair? 

Who says that hair loss occurs only on the natural hair?  Actually hair loss does happen on the hair system as well.  This is caused by bacteria and friction that the hair system encounters every day. Either of the two or when combined together will affect hair loss in the hair system however, this can be prevented so that the hair system will last longer.

Hair replacement system easily rubs off due to friction caused by the absence of Sebum which is natural oil that protects and lubricates the hair follicles from friction.Hair fall is caused by sleeping on a coarse material pillow case.  Constant rubbing with the coarse fabric will cause hair breakage.  The best way to avoid this is to use a satin fabric for your pillow case.Combing and brushing too often will cause hair fall, to avoid this, using of Spray Luster Mist which is a lubricating agent will keep the hair moist and reduces the friction between the hair and the comb.Bacteria cause the hair system hair loss. The most vulnerable part of the hair system are the knots because they hold and retain moisture, any build up will naturally break and weaken the hair shafts of the hair.

20″ Straight Indian Remy Human Hair Flip In Hair Extension

You can use Brandywine shampoos because it is made specifically for hair systems, both synthetic and human hair.Use a knot sealer as often as possible whenever you use hair styling products. We can not avoid using styling products to help the hair look good however, with constant use this tends to weaken the knots and will cause hair fall. The knot sealer slows down and stops hair loss while locking the hair knots to the base of the hair system.

Hair system is the best non surgical hair loss solution, this is the most natural method of giving back our hair however, but hair loss in the hair replacement system can be avoided is we only adhere to the proper caring of the hair replacement system.

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