Happy Easter Day- Colorful Clip in Hair Extensions

Many Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. And now many people also celebrate by decorating eggs which can be hard boiled eggs that can be eaten later, but may also be model eggs made of plastic, chocolate, candy or other materials. Most important part is that this day is to be very colorful and to be happy!

Happy Easter
Happy Easter Giveaway

From Hollywood stars to prom queens, girls and ladies all like to choose hair extensions to change their hairstyles not only adding length, but adding color into their original hair. And the colorful hair extensions are the most popular products for them nowadays. Colored hair extensions make great holiday decorations and birthday gift ideas. If you have no idea how to get the best colorful hair extensions at the best price, then come to UniWigs for help!

Color TBE0001
Color: TBE0001

Uniwigs is now holding a Buy One Get One Free Activity to express gratefulness to all customers. The Buy One Get One Free activity is only applicable to this Colorful Clip in Hair Extension 60cm Length Straight for Fashion Women, with the SKU: TBE. There are 9 colors for you to choose from.

colorful clip in hair extensions
Colorful Clip in Hair Extensions

To participate in this activity, you can choose any two of this colorful hair extensions with the colors you want and the price is only $12.99 when you check out. Only valid from 4.14 to 4.20. Note: Every order only has one free hair extension.

This Buy One Get One Free Activity is all about Spreading Love. So please share this link with your friends and family~

How to deal with Gray hair?

Have you noticed your hair gradually has grown gray even you are still so young? Yes, hair will grow gray, and for many reasons. Biologically, dark hair grows gray because of reduction in the amount of melanin your body produces; it is melanin that gives your hair its natural color.


At the meantime, mental stress, heredity, illness, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies would also make your hair grow gray fast. So before you really take actions to deal with your gray hair, you should figure out the most important factors which cause the emergence of the hair turned gray. When you know the reasons, you will know better how to reduce the gray hair.

Grey Hair


Here we recommend some natural remedies which may help you:

Food therapy.
Keep a healthy diet to increase intake of protein and iron, minerals and vitamins A and B. Protein rich foos such as meat, fat, soy, eggs, cereals and grains and microelement rich foods such as bananas, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, liver, dried apricots, beans, oysters, eggs and sunflower seeds would help to reduce the amount of melanin of your body.

Food theropy

Paste nutrition on your hair.
Make a paste of yogurt, henna powder and fenugreek seeds (you can also use coffee, juice, basil, and mint). Apply this paste on your hair and then shampoo your hair after 3-4 hours. Twice a week is OK.


Stress reduction.
This a very simple and effective natural remedy for hair graying. Rest well, exercise more and meditate regularly. You have many ways to reduce anxiety and stress which contribute to finding gray hairs.


Massage butter to your gray hair.
This is a little similar to paste nutrition on your hair. Instead of reducing gray hair, this method is to help prevent the emergence of extra gray hair. To make it clear, you need to melt the butter and then spread to the roots of graying hair and scalp. Of course, you can replace the butter with a mixture of grated ginger and honey or coconut oil. Just make sure you apply them in a suitable amount.


Besides, if you don’t feel like to wait for the results while trying out for all these methods, it’s also suggestive to wear wigs or apply some hair extensions.They are easy to apply, no damage to your own hair and very effective to disguise your gray hair.


Are you feeling annoyed by the gray hair? Why not have a try now!

UniWigs On Polyvore

Guess many people have found this fashion site to express your fashion ideas with many fashion elements, such as hairstyles, tops, dresses, shoes, jeans, shorts and other accessories, home decorations.

UniWigs also finds this big opportunity to express its unique fashion design about fashion trends. After all, it’s not just about wigs or hair extensions, it’s an attitude.

Yes, hairstyle is also a big part of fashion and beauty, can you deny it?

From the beginning of 2013 till now, UniWigs has found its way to develop on Polyvore and continue to benefit to its potential customers.

Let’s take a quick view of some of the stunning and popular sets using UniWigs hair extensions, wigs, and other hair pieces. All are blended with most fabulous and most inspiriting fashion elements, thus we believe you will be definitely addicted to it.


Awesome Season With UniWigs

Awesome Season With UniWigs


Get the Look of Victoria Justice

Get the Look of Victoria Justice



Go All Out with UniWigs hair extensions

Go All Out with UniWigs hair extensions



IT'S ALL IN THE HAIR! for UNIWIGS (uniwigs.com)

IT’S ALL IN THE HAIR! for UNIWIGS (uniwigs.com)



Ponytails for catwalks by UNIWIGS

Ponytails for catwalks by UNIWIGS



SPRING-SUMMER 2014 predictions for UNIWIGS (uniwigs.com)

SPRING-SUMMER 2014 predictions for UNIWIGS (uniwigs.com)


In addition, there will always be contests held by them to win UniWigs Coupons, with which you can not only enjoy making sets using different fashion elements along with UniWigs products, and if you are lucky(to win the contest), you will then save money to purchase on UniWigs!

YOU also wanna have fun? Come to join us making sets and freely expressing your perspective about fashion there!