UniWigs Hair Toppers With Bangs

You may ever asked yourself, “Should I have a bang?” And you’ll hear a resounding “no” in your head. So hair pieces/ hair toppers might be the best solution to try the bang hairstyle, but without cutting your own hair! Today, we are going to list several hair pieces and hair toppers at UniWigs.com.

1. Instant Clip-in Bangs
This is an easy-to-attach fringe hairpiece. You can have a cute fringe in a minute with it.

Let’s see some customer real reviews:
“I have been wanted to have a bang for really long time. And I was recommended by one of my friend, so excited to order to product. WHen I receive it, it comes really soft and healthy hair. It just make me feel much younger.”

Instant Clip-in Bangs
Instant Clip-in Bangs

2. 6″X6″ Amber silk top human hair topper with Bangs
Amber topper is absolutely one of the Best Sellers of UniWigs Hair Toppers. True skin top like our own scalp and a cute front bang.

Let’s see some real customer reviews:
“I have been struggling with hair loss and thinning hair most of my adult life. My hair is super thin at the crown with bald patches and receding hairline. I’ve tried many ‘affordable wigs’ lace front, old school and can only afford synthetic. Also everything I have tried in my price range looks like a wig and needs a lot of finessing only to have them irritate, itch, and just be really uncomfortable for everyday wear. So I saved up for this human hair piece.
Amber topper is comfortable to wear and blended in pretty well. The Hair density is medium, not too thick and not too thin. Curls and straightens pretty well. Minimal shedding and tangling. I like this hair topper very much, best one I have tried so far. I will be purchasing back ups.”

6’’X6’’ Amber silk top human hair topper with Bangs
6’’X6’’ Amber silk top human hair topper with Bangs

3. 5″x2.75″ Amelia Remy Human Hair Topper with bangs
5″X2.75″ mono base, three color selections which is Medium brown, Natural Black and Powdered Peach.

Let’s see some real customer reviews:
“i Just bought this lovely uniwigs topper with bangs in colour Y22. this is a very comfortable topper to wear, super light-weight! I love it !”

3. 5"x2.75" Amelia Remy Human Hair Topper with bangs
3. 5″x2.75″ Amelia Remy Human Hair Topper with bangs


For the longest time, hair has been the crown of every human being. Hair gives the extra in every look and contributes even to the personality of a person. Over time, both men and women have embraced the art that comes with hair and enhanced talents and skills to improve the hair industry. One of the most used types of hair product is the wig. Wigs come in different lengths, material type, and style. Different wigs have different characteristics depending on the material and texture of the hair. Focusing on wigs, we will be highlighting the top five hairstyles with Ombre this fall.

  1. Ombre Straight wig with bangs

    Ombre Straight wig with bangs
    Ombre Straight wig with bangs

The first type of hairstyle to rock this fall will be the Ombre straight wig with bangs. It is suitable for all face shapes and can be found in a wide variety of colors. Owing to the fact that it is made of human hair, it will be easy to maintain and clean. A flat iron can also be used to spice up the wig whenever monotony kicks in. For round faces, the ombre wig with bangs gives a fuller appearance and for straight faces, bangs can completely transform their appearance. The ombre straight wigs with bangs are a great solution this fall.

  1. Ombre Curly Virgin human hair lace wig

    Ombre Curly Virgin human hair lace wig
    Ombre Curly Virgin human hair lace wig

Curls are definitely changing the outlook on wigs. An ombre curly human hair wig will transform the appearance of the wearer in every way, beginning with the playful feel it comes with. An ombre look provides a wide variety of styles to rock. In addition, the curly aspect gives the face a rounder look. This type of wig can be styled in a wide variety of ways and the lace at the front provides an added advantage. The wig can also be styled in bangs or flow from the sides. The curly wig however is harder to maintain compared to the straight wigs due to tangling. The best way to maintain the quality is through finger detangling and moisturizing the wig at least once a week. The wigs also come in varying length but any can do for any face shape.

  1. Ombre Wavy Brazilian lace wig

    Ombre Wavy Brazilian lace wig
    Ombre Wavy Brazilian lace wig

The Ombre wavy Brazilian wig is the most common of the ombre wigs because of its versatile nature. The wig is also long lasting and requires minimal maintenance. It is completely transformational and suits straight faces most. It however cannot be limited to a particular type of user. For round faces however, the wig can be used with deep waves starting from the collarbone. This effect gives the face a longer look. The wig comes with a lace, which is also a great added advantage since it gives a wide variety of styling options. The beauty of the wavy ombre human hair wig is that it is styled to withstand the maintenance processes even though it needs minimal maintenance hence the wig can last for a very long time.

  1. Dark Roots Ombre Bob Wig

    Dark Roots Ombre Bob Wig
    Dark Roots Ombre Bob Wig

The bob look has been a recent go to wig and has been trending for a very long time. The Ombre dark roots Ombre bob wig has a lot of advantages and suits any face. It is best for bold colors such as orange that are complemented by the dark roots. They can be wavy or straight and styling the bob wig is very simple. The wig is suitable even without the frontal lace. The bob hair wig works best if consistency is maintained. Luckily for wigs, it is hard to find a bob styles hair wig of unequal lengths. It is important to note that the bob wig is very sensitive and can alter your look with a simple adjustment.

  1. Ombre box braid wig

    Ombre box braid wig
    Ombre box braid wig

Box braids are slowly taking over the hair industry. Box braids are neat and easy to maintain and can be styled in a wide variety of ways and suit multiple occasions. Box braids require zero to no efforts in maintenance. They suit any face type and the additional lace makes it easier to style it. Box braids are really neat and free, they are comfortable to have and can last for the longest time among all the ombre wigs. They do not require any form of heat and being made primarily out of human hair, they are gentle to the scalp. Box braid wigs are a great idea of an ombre human hair wig.

In summary, it is important to note that ombre human hair wigs are very versatile and can serve many occasions. Choosing the perfect wig for the perfect occasion or for long term usage involves taking accurate steps when selecting the wig of choice. One of the steps that one needs to take is to understand the facial shape and whatever wig suits it best. Some wigs may be perfect for one shape and inadequate for another. It is crucial to choose a wig that will complement your look other than one that takes it away from you. Luckily, as we have seen, the Ombre Human hair wigs are suitable for almost all shapes and sizes hence are not hard to choose from. The five highlighted fall hairstyles by the Ombre human hair wigs will be an amazing guideline to choose the most suitable and sustainable wig.

Hair topper with bangs

Have you noticed that there are many toppers without bangs? Most toppers have no bangs. If a topper has a bang, what advantages will it have? Today, we will introduce these advantages to you.

Firstly, if you want a bang and think that wearing a wig with bangs is too much trouble, you can choose the topper with bangs. There is no need to balance the hair on your head. You just need to wear it. Toppers are thinner than wigs.

Secondly, toppers with bangs can hide the creases in your forehead and an unattractive hairline. Everyone knows that bangs can make people look younger.

Thirdly, human hair toppers are cheaper than human hair wigs. In fact, the cost of human hair toppers is almost half of the cost of human hair wigs.


If you don’t know where to find a topper with bangs, we can recommend one called “Amber Silk Top Virgin Human Hair Topper with Bangs“.

The topper’s size is 6″ *6” and the bangs come in as a clip in hair topper. Because it was made with the same materials as the Amber topper, you don’t need to worry about the natural effects. Of course, you can style it like your own hair because it is made of 100% human hair. You will have a more natural hair line with the bangs. If you don’t currently have any hair toppers with bangs, this one is meant for you.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you liked it.

Celebrity Hair: Better with or without Bangs?

Apart from the makeup, the clothes, or even scandals involving them, hairstyles of the women celebrities is also a great topic to talk about among our ordinaries. So many celebrities like to change their hairstyles every now and then, like short hairstyles changed into long, or wavy hairstyles changed into straight, or sometimes wearing wigs or hair extensions to achieve a unique look.

And the most disputable one is if they look better with or without bangs.


1. Side part wavy vs. middle part straight

hairstyles with bangs or not 1

Sometimes face shape matters a lot when choosing a hairstyle. I bet you will choose “NO BANGS”, right?


2. Up-do without parting vs. middle part down hairstyle

hairstyles with bangs or not 2

I love her to wear the little sexy earings. So “BANGS”.


3. Side part up-do vs. up-do without parting

hairstyles with bangs or not 6

She is as beatutiful as all her hairstyles.


4. Also side part wavy vs. middle part straight

hairstyles with bangs or not 7

This time “BANGS” is better, because it makes her yonger and more energitic.


5. Straight withour parting vs. curliy without parting

hairstyles with bangs or not 4

“NO BANGS” of course. I love her but it’s truly better on her with beautiful curls and without bangs.


6. Middle part straight vs. side part straight

hairstyles with bangs or not 5


Favorite Celebrity’s Hairstyles–Bangs Edition

Celebrities always show us different images with their various different hairstyles and dresses. In this post, I’d like to share with you our favorite celebrities’ hairstyles with bangs.

Taylor Swift's bangs are a little long but still glamorous

Taylor Swift’s bangs, although long, are still very glamorous

Alexa Chung with piecey bangs

Alexa Chung with slightly parted bangs

Best TOP 6 Hairstyles Ideas with Bangs

Best TOP 6 Hairstyles Ideas with Bangs

Bangs are part of the hair in front of the forehead. Haircuts featuring bangs are fun, cool and so, so sexy. With this celebrity hairstyle guide for bangs for every length, texture, and face shape, you will learn the quickest and easiest ways to update your look and style your bangs.

Here’s how to get the celebrity styles of the moment.




Side bangs can beautifully conceal your broad forehead to balance your looks. With long hair, side bangs will look simply dazzling. You can pair it with nice wavy medium to long layers.