VSP Series- How to look your Best Before the Big Event (5 insider Secrets)

Season after season, some of the most beautiful women in the world gather together to showcase the best new designs in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This year, we’re giving you a look at what it takes to develop and maintain the perfect look before the launch.

1) Maintenance and Love… Weeks before any show, it helps dramatically to avoid sugary and alcoholic beverages while staying active, both socially and physically.
Sugar by itself may give temporary satisfaction to those stressful days when we need a little chocolate therapy, but over time it can wreak havoc on your skin. Alcohol does the same and also dries out your skin, creating uneven blotches and shiny spots. Instead of hitting the bottle or the freezer isle at the local supermarket, hit the gym instead or use these cool autumn nights to take a relaxing stroll after dinner. Not only will you feel better and more confident, you’ll look better. Social exercise is important too! Studies in the past have shown that having an active social life can lower stress levels naturally, and even more importantly, can build confidence with new interactions. Less stress and healthy eating options = great skin.
2) Worship the Sun, avoid the kiss…. We all know sun damage can build up over time. Make sure to always use sunscreen or moisturizer with sun-blocking elements built in.
Anyone over 30 can tell you, your body changes over time. Sun damage can accelerate the appearance of aged skin, especially as we get older and it takes longer for our bodies to process these changes effectively. It’s better to act on the side of caution and preserve your look for the exciting years to come.
3) Selfie Perfection… Instead of over applying makeup for those nights on the town. Carry some translucent powder to freshen up your T-Zone right before a selfie.
Too much makeup can dry the skin and taking it off at the end of the night can damage and re-clog pores in the process. Most models prefer the gradual touch approach to maintaining the perfect look between camera flashes and fans. A little translucent powder applied artfully to your shiny areas can give you the perfect balance and glow without adding extra weight and texture.
4) Angels Everywhere… Creating the perfect Angel hairdo is easier than you think!
Using a simple wave iron, work on the body of the hair in separate strips while curling away from the face, leaving the ends untouched. Confused? Try visualizing what it would look like if your removed your top-knot and just let it flow down naturally. It’s a popular look that gives the impression you just spent an entire day at the beach, so it doesn’t have to be perfect; just enough structure and consistency to give your hair the right direction to develop naturally.
5) A facial a week keeps age at bay… With all the remarkable products available on the market today, it’s easier than ever to take some time out to renew and rejuvenate.
Korean Air flight attendants long shifts in conditions with low humidity, high stress and poor lighting. Even with their limited resources cruising miles above the earth, they still manage to look like runway models all day. The secret? Weekly facials and “off days” where makeup is prohibited. Many international flight attendants will attest to the fact that their face is the first and last impression a passenger receives on any flight. Knowing this, they pay special attention to routine and application of any product that contacts the skin. After an international flight, it’s common to reward the skin then allow it to breathe naturally before the next round of work. Professional models in the air to professional models on the strip; you’ll notice the change in very short time by sticking to this routine.

Victoria’s Secret Paris

When Victoria’s Secret opened its doors over 30 years ago, people gave little thought to the success it would see in the years to come. From lingerie to sleep and lounge wear; it’s not just the style or the fabric, it’s the release of complacency in our ordinary lives that gives form to a new persona…

This season, UniWigs is proud to announce our Victoria’s Secret Paris, VSP-series that will follow our favorite looks, models and latest fashion trends; right up to the grand debut in Paris on December 5th. Stay up to date on the latest commentary and editorials as we give our insight and behind-the-scenes look at what it takes prep, style and maintain the VS look, from cabana to catwalk. It’s all here!

How to make a different curled effects for a new look?

Practice using curling tongs in different ways to create all types of curl, including ringlets and spiral winds. Tongs are fantastically versatile styling tools once you have the know-how and you can choose ones with different-size barrels to suit.

Let’s look through some new curly ideas of celebrities:

Victoria’s Secret curls
Victoria’s Secret curls

Victoria’s Secret curls are the gold standard for sexy, beachy hairstyles. Look no further than angel Candice Swanepoel for sun-kissed mermaid waves that add volume to fine air and tame thick hair.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift shows how curls combine with bangs. A few spiral curls all around add texture that contrasts with blunt bangs.

Isla Fisher
Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher‘s simple hairstyle shows how just a few curls can add romance.

So let’s see how to create a new look of classic but fashion curls?

classic but fashion curls 1
1. Comb through clean, dry hair so that it is tangle-free.

classic but fashion curls 2

2. Spritz your hair all over with a heat-protective spray to prevent the tongs from scorching or drying out your hair.

classic but fashion curls 3

3.Working with a small section of hair at a time, place the tongs at the end and wind back up to the root. Hold for a few seconds, then release. Repeat the action with all of your hair.

classic but fashion curls 4

4. Alternatively, ofr a softer curl, place the tongs near the root and wrap the hair round the barrel of the tongs until the your reach the end.

classic but fashion curls 5

5. For a spiral wind, using small barreled tongs, take smaller sections of hair and wind from the ends up to the roots while holding the tongs vertically.

classic but fashion curls 6

6. This is how a spiral wind finish looks when it has been applied to the whole head.

classic but fashion curls 7

7. When all your hair is curled as you want it, tip your head upside down and shake to loosen curls.

classic but fashion curls 8

8. If desired, loosen again by running your fingers through the hair, then spritz with hairspray for hold.

Stylist’s note:
For a strong curl, wind the tongs from end to root, but for a softer look, roll from root to end.

There are so many ways to wear curls and you can never go wrong! Just grab your curling wand or flat iron and go.

Follow 2016 trendy hairstyle from celebrity

The golden globe award just faded away for a a while , last night’s Oscars were about the Oscars , all of the shining celebrities costed 3-4 hours to make herself stunning . Which one impressed you the most ?

Lady gaga got her first golden globe award for her first shoot at “American Horror Story” ,the power of love could change someone , and lady gaga just told you this by her look . Comparing the shocking style before ,. Now Lady gaga is more like a lady and beautiful.Her gorgeous blonde hairstyle surprised us more than her acting at the the “HOTEL “ classic black dress highlighted her pale skin and blonde style .131313

Coincidentally, one of the hot selling synthetic hairstyle as same as Lady Gaga’s also hitting the market .


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Kate just got her a new award for her acting at “Steven Jobs “. And her look always right . This year , she chose a blue dress which well-matched her ash blonde hairstyle . The short side hair make her gorgeous make out more shining under the light .


As the most popular hairstyle , lob cut has stay all the 2015 , and seems it still will be the hot hair style in 2016, if you are worry that cutting your beautiful hair . Buying a wig just solved this problem , check this short hairstyle from Uniwigs


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Amazing stars with amazing hairstyles in EMPIRE.

Recently I have been crazy on the Empire- an American musical drama television series which debuted on Fox on January 7, 2015. It centers on a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, and the drama among the members of the founders’ family as they fight for control of the company. The show was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, and stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

Especially Cookie Portrayed by Taraji P. Henson, I really really love her. She can be described as a “total badass”, very complicated and complex, but she is also a hero. Cookie is a “strong” woman who puts her “family first.” Cookie “doesn’t compromise at all? never herself, and never her truth.” A big part of the character is Cookie’s fashion, which Henson has quite a lot of input in. when Cookie first comes out of prison, “she is a bit dated” in her fashion sense, according to Henson. You’ll get to see her grow, not only in her art, but also in her style. Such as her hair styles as below:


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Besides, there are several curly wig which are very attractive, such as Tiana Brown:



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Here the density should be 180%, we can make it.

And the price will be $85 more.

Wigs are not only used for the hair loss anymore, but the hair styles. “A wig which fits you well will give you a huge confidence.” This is one of my customer told me while we received a custom wig inquiry from her.

Meanwhile, we Uniwigs Team will be always make the best quality wigs for customer. And it is always our motto.

Have a nice day and thank you for your reading.

6 Celebrity Short Hairstyles That Will Look Great On You


Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous shiny dark hair is shorter on the sides and longer on top. It is styled with a extreme side part, with the hair on top falling towards the face and to the side, working like a side-swept fringe.

Jennifer Hudson’s hair is short and pretty tight on the sides. It is a little longer on the top, allowing the hair to wave and bend a little.

Jennifer Lawrence’s lovely layered haircut is shorter in the back, longer in the front, and styled with an extreme side part.

Coco Rocha’s classic sleek bob is cut even from front to back and detailed with a blunt fringe.

Elizabeth Moss’ chin-length bob is styled straight with texture on the ends.

Miley Cyrus’ short haircut is perfectly messy and shiny. It is styled swept to the side without a defined parting.

Things to Know Before Dyeing Your Own Hair


Your natural hair color first determines where to start when you’re choosing your desired shade. People with warmer base tones, like Emma Stone, who is a natural blond, can take on different colors than someone with a cooler starting hue. Ask your hairstylist, who will be more attuned to identifying nuanced tones.


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Rome wasn’t built in a day—and drastic hair color can’t be achieved overnight, either. The more pronounced the change you attempt, the more likely the results will be brassy, ashy or just plain disappointing. A subtle shift, on the other hand, like Camilla Belle’s lift from rich brunet to spicy cinnamon, is completely attainable.



If you plan on making a dramatic change, that is, more than three shades lighter or darker than what’s natural, Uniwigs.com advises trying on a wig close to your desired color. It’s a quick, painless way to determine if the shade is right for you.




Chlorine strips away the hair cuticle, allowing minerals in the water to get into the hair shaft and alter your color. Rather than diving in, sit pretty poolside, like Whitney Port, for at least two weeks before and after dyeing your hair.



Hair dye always comes out darker than the image on the box. Buy one or two shades lighter than your desired color. It is easier to amp up a color’s intensity than it is to tone it down.

Straight Full Lace Wig

100% Indian Remy Wig

Yaki Straight Full Lace Wig

Zoe Saldana Wave Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

With her long, luminous locks, Zoe Saldana looked every inch the movie star at the LA premiere of her blockbuster hit “Avatar.” Inspired by her superstar strands, Uniwigs has launched heavily the same style Zoe Saldana Wig.


Zoe Saldana shows her sophisticated side with her shiny dark hair styled into soft curls and parted on the side.

Styling Tip

Step 1: Avoiding the top six inches of dry hair, spritz one-inch sections with styling spray, then wrap it around a medium curling iron. Hold the section in place for a few seconds to set the curl, release and repeat, alternating the direction you are curling until all hair is done.
Step 2: Create a side part and run fingers lightly coated with shine serum through hair to break up the curl.


Zoe Saldana Wave Remy Human Hair Lace Wig CL0464

A medium length jet black wave hair style made with 100% Remy human hair. You can re-style the wig just like regular hair, part it anywhere you like, or perm it, dye it, etc.

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What are your favorite celebrity hairstyles? Share your thoughts below.

UniWigs New Arrivals Just In- Human Hair Lace Wigs Inspired By Famous Celebrities


People loves beauty and fashion can find some new celebrity human hair wigs on UniWigs.com now and in the meantime customers can get a free color ring when buying these gorgeous human hair wigs.

UNIWIGS, one of the leading online store of real and synthetic hair wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces, offers a line of human hair lace wigs inspired by 6 famous celebrities. It’s the fashion trend and it also shows people what the latest celebrity hairstyles are.

For people who loves the famous star Rihanna, there are 4 different hairstyles to choose from: a style of yaki straight lace wig, two styles of ombre wave lace wigs and a hot ombre red lace wig. People can go to the product page to choose the color, length, cap size and cap construction that they want. Other than that, UniWigs gladly accepts 100% customization of personalized wig demands, and people can recommend their favorite celebrity hairstyles to UniWigs as well.

There are also 4 different Katy Perry inspired hairstyles, 4 styles of Zoe Saldana inspired human hair lace wigs, 4 different Jessica Alba inspired hairstyles, 3 styles of Mariah Carey inspired human hair lace wigs and 2 popular Ciara wave ombre human hair lace wigs. People like these great celebrities can easily find their desired lace wigs respectively here at UniWigs.com.

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The Best Celebrity Hairstyle of 2014 Cannes Film Festival

There are always a lot of shinning stars on Cannes film festival every year. And they are always the leaders of the trend for the whole year, let’s check the 2014.

1.Julianne Moore


Straight Shoulder length, with a full color, and wearing perfect mascara makes her the most attractive woman

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2, Kate Blanchette


As a Oscar winner, Kate undoubtedly is the most shining star, No matter the gorgeous wave wig style on Oscar, or this little side braid.

She never be wrong with the style, check her Oscar hair style on Uniwigs :


SKU : H53001

3, Naomi Watts


Naomi, just show how to make the side braid perfectly, makes her sexy shoulder to be the part we could not move our eyes away.

Check the same color extension on Uniwigs, we are shinning ourselves even though not from Hollywood .



4.Freida Pinto


Her beautiful brown skin, make her to be the most sexy woman, and the long straight ponytail, just match her perfectly.

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The appropriate hairstyles always win the high score for you. And nothing could stop you from the change.