How does it feel when wearing a wig in public

A few days ago, my friend Nanina asked me how did she look. Beautiful as usual, I said. She seemed to feel a sense of relief and told me she wore a wig. I was surprised because I didn’t notice before she told me. And there is no need to feel shame when putting a wig on. She acknowledged that she felt nervous when wearing a wig in public, especially when someone is looking at her. In a condition of that situation, she would like me to provide some suggestions.

This is a very common circumstance among people who suffer hair loss when they go out with a wig on for the first time. What bothers them most is they are afraid of letting others know they wear wigs. Or their wigs are too unnatural to ignore at first sight.

Actually, most people didn’t notice if they aren’t told as long as your wig is not so shiny. So human hair wigs are great options. For casual occasions, here are my recommendations.

The first one is Serena. Serena is a human hair wig with classic color-cold coffee brown. It is of medium length, which is perfect for daily wear. The front lace offers a natural hairline. A hand-tied lace base gives a free parting to part the hair in the middle or side of your choice.

If you are looking for wigs at lower prices, synthetic wigs may sound great for you. I know lots of people worry they are too shiny to wear out. This wouldn’t happen to Holly. Almost every client who received and felt regard it as a human hair wig because no matter it feels or looks really like human hair. Heat-friendly synthetic fiber gives Holly possibilities to suit any occasion.

Another method you could do to make synthetic wigs less shiny is to pull a bit of dry shampoo on them.

Besides the type of hair, others may worry about the fake hairline. There are four base types of wigs: lace, mono, silk, and skin. The silk base is the most natural-looking. You can’t see knots from the top. Mono base is also a great choice with a reasonable price. You can use powder to do some makeup on the hairline as well. A simple, easy and useful tool to make the hairline more natural magically is silicone tapes. You can see the total difference between the before and after pictures.

It would be helpful a lot to wear a hat to reduce a sense of anxiety when you go out with a wig on for the first time if you feel not good enough to go outside. When you walk out with full courage you will find no one will pay attention to your hair. You will be more and more confident gradually. So be relaxed and breathe the fresh air outside.
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