How to Make Your Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions are one of the secret ingredients that make a woman’s hair look gorgeous and attractive, and most women will want it to remain a secret. No one likes a situation whereby you are walking on the road and someone looks at you and be like “wow she’s using an extension”. It can be really embarrassing hence, hair extensions should be placed in such a way that it will look natural and except you tell someone, no one would figure you used an extension.
Hair extensions shouldn’t be as obvious as your eyelashes or artificial nails that are always very pronounced, it should remain a secret except you decide to let anyone in on your hair secrets. However, it takes only a few tips and tricks to make your extension look as natural as your hair itself. Read further to find out simple ways to make your extension natural.

• Your extension should be the same shade as your hair

The most important tip you should know is that the color of your hair and the extension should be of the same shade. If they are of different shades, then you are letting the world know that you used extensions which isn’t nice at all. If your hair is of two shades, try getting the extension that matches the color of the tip of your hair so that it can blend properly. If you can’t find the exact color of your hair, then you should consider dyeing your hair so it corresponds with your extension. Better still, it’s possible to get a shade of the extension that is a little bit lighter than your hair and it will blend properly with your hair.

• Get the right thickness

Asides from the shades of both the hair and extensions, there are also the different texture of hair. Some people have very thick hair, while some have light hair, hence, before buying your hair extension, you should know the texture of your hair. You need to find the right balance between your extension and your natural hair. If you have thick hair then get thick extensions that will match the thickness of your hair. The same goes for people with light or thin hair. So, you need to pick the right extension that will fit the texture of your hair. If you are confused about this, then you can ask a professional for help.

• Get human hair extensions The type of extensions you get also determines how it will look on your hair. Human hair extensions are simply the best and they fit perfectly into your hair, with the human hair extension fixed in your hair, you can style your hair together with your extension in any way you can and it will look good. Human hair works well with heat, so you can use a thonging machine or hair straightener to style your hair and the extension will not be affected in any way. But if your extensions are synthetic, then you have another thing coming because it will be quite difficult to style. Synthetic hair extensions get damaged when it comes in contact with heat. So human hair extensions are the best.

• Style

What do you have in mind when styling your hair with extensions? Just like your hair wig, you need to wear it first before styling. Same goes with your extension, fix in your extension before styling your hair and that way it looks more natural. Since you are using human hair extensions, you can use a thonging machine while styling. And if you have short hair, you can twist the tip of your extension together with your hair and pack it in the form of buns and no one will ever suspect you used extensions.

• Use the right length of the extension

Another important thing you need to consider is the length of both your hair and the extension. One big blunder you can make is getting a very long extension to be fixed to short hair, no matter how great you style your hair, the extensions will still be glaring and letting people know you actually used extensions. If you have short hair, use hair extensions that are short also so it blends well with your hair.

• Application and fitting If you want your hair extension to look natural, then how you fix it is paramount. Since you have succeeded in getting the perfect shade and length for your hair, then how to apply it properly should be next on your mind. In order not to do a bad job while applying it, it is best to visit a professional who can do a perfect job. A professional will help fix your extensions in a way that no one will be able to tell if you used extensions or not. A professional will place the extensions carefully and step by step if there is any need to trim the extension to for your hair, then the stylist will trim it properly and ensure it is fitting. And if you want to apply your extension yourself, then you should know the steps to take in fitting it into your hair so you don’t make a mess of your hair.

• Hair shampoos and hair spray
If you decide to fix your hair extensions yourself then you can use a shampoo or hair spray to make it hold in firmly. It would be very embarrassing for your extensions to pull off when you don’t fix it properly, so to avoid such embarrassment, use your shampoo and spray to make the extension stay firm on your hair.

Looking to change your look a little bit? Try switching up your hairstyle and see how perfect it will look on you. There are lots of things you can do to change your hairstyle which includes changing your hair color or using a wig to change the style of your hair. Wigs have been trending but they tend to cause a lot of heat and becomes itchy, so what is best is using an extension to change your hairstyle. With extensions, you become very comfortable and they are easier to maintain. However, your extensions need to look and feel natural, hence, using the above-mentioned steps will help you achieve that natural look.