How to wear a wig carefully

Although many women want to try out wigs for beauty, they don’t know how to wear them. Next we will introduce the method for you.

wearing a wig
wearing a wig

1, first, we have to prepare a wig cap, this is our first step in wearing a wig. Put the cap over your neck. Be careful not to pull your hair. Because hair cap is elastic, after covering good, pull hair cap from forehead toward the top of the head go up.

2, lift hair cap from the neck to the head pull, let hair cap extend adequately come, as far as possible one-time the sideburns on the side and bang these hair silk accept go in.

3, When the cap is pulled behind your head, if you have long hair, put the end of your long hair into the cap. General hair cap is used continuously after one stage need to change, because bounce was insufficient, the cap cannot live hair.

4, carefully put the rest of the hair into the cap. Take a look in the mirror to see if there is still hair out, make sure to close the good, adjust the layout of the hair, do not side special towering.

5, check whether all the hair is cap in, and then remember to use the hair cap clip to secure the hair cap, so that the hair cap is worn, next we began to wear wigs.

6, Put the wig on your head, adjust the height appropriately, and trim it to the right length.If you don’t know how to do it, a haircut at the barber will make it look more real.

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