UniWigs Trendy Exclusive Ombre Wig – Bambi Wig

Do you remember our Bambi wig, which is one of the most unique of UniWigs exclusive design.
Many wig stores use a huge range of terminology and it’s a little bit confusing, isn’t it? I will introduce our new arrival with the most accessible words so that you can get the points easily.

Understandably, one of the very first things a customer often asks is “how much it will cost me?”. The most honest answer is “you get what you paid for”. The price you are offered depends on the length, thickness, hair color and customer service. As you all know, UniWigs don’t sell cheap wigs, which, we think, is not a long plan for the future. We attract our customers with the top quality products and services. Get used to it. It’s the trend of wig or any other product market, and you will get more than you imagine.

We are confident about our reasonable price because we are so sure that our products are unique and you will not regret having one! Have any doubt? Let me tell you the story of our new Bambi Wig.

1.Heat resistant fiber -It can be styled with heat. But remember: when you use flat iron, keep the temperature from 100 degrees and up to 300 degrees otherwise you will damage the wig.

2.Creating a handmade wig – that’s a wig with a bespoke, made to measure lace foundation with all of the hair hand knotted, or “ventilated” for all of you– is not cheap, but if you would like to spend a little more, you will receive something amazing.

3.Double knotted backs and edges – Certain sections of a wig can take the brunt of styling over time so we make sure these sections are knotted into the lace twice. This minimises shedding and keeps the wig looking fuller for longer.

4.Single knotted fronts and hairlines – This means the area where the lace meets the skin on the forehead is knotted one hair at a time, every hole, creating a flawless and natural finish.

5.Specifically designed to optimize styling versatility – This means we add carefully knotted sections to the wig where possible, to enable you to vary the way the wig can be styled. So if you fancy switching the parting a little or dressing the hair up for a change the result remains natural & flawless.

6.More possibilities to style – One of our talented designer has made an amazing braid hairstyle with this wig, which is so cute! In a very short time it becomes everyone’s “deer-est” friend with this great looking.

7.This wig is called Bambi. As you may know, we appreciate any advice from our customers so we give customers the chance to name our EVERY new arrival. We asked for name of our new babe too and got plenty of wonderful ideas on Facebook(@UniWigs Trendy) and Instagram(@UniWigs). Finally we picked out Bambi as the name of our new product.

“@the_lamas_wench: Bambi–Because the colors exactly the same as little bambi and it just shows then innocence and daintiness of the piece. It ‘s beautiful . ”

Are all of these reasons enough for you to make a decision? If not, go to our website(UniWigs) and Instagram(@UniWigs) to get more!