HAIR LOSS should not be a Embarrassment

As a wig website , we have heard so much voice about hair loss , and how hard they are suffering like these :
–“Hi good day i am really desperate for a way to hide my front baldness i have been suffering from hair loss most my life i am 34yrs a mother of two girls i saw a lot of good reviews on your your hair pieces i was wondering if you offer any discounts im getting really depressed an very insecure i dont even want to go out cause of it can you please help me ”
–Hello.. I hope u will be able to help me , as iv just started my treatment of chemotherapy I was looking for the perfect wig and come across your site a few days ago , and iv Found the perfect one , the only problem I’m getting is in your selection boxes ei: length size and cap size , but it’s not giving me the option on what colour cap I shall need , it’s a full lace wig that I would like to purchase and it’s the light coloured cap that I’d need , how do I add this to my order please ? Thank you so much on your reply”

Are you one of them ?
What did you do to your hair loss problem ?

Today ,we dont want to offer you which product should you purchase , and offer you any promotion . We just want to say : you are beautiful as you are . If yo are one of them who are suffer this , dont be afraid . We wish that you could show yourself to others , although you have almost bald top on your head . You could show it by video , by pic . Like some of our reviewers . And you will know that how much does that mean to others .
Here is one of our reviewer ,who is a real customer of ours .
i love this hair so much i bought two!!! this is my first topper of all time. when i first received the blonde i wasnt used to so much hair on my face and i was impatient so i cut the bangs and too short! then i paid someone to cut it and thin it out, then i cut again, then i tried to dye it dark ash blonde to match my hair and when i tried it on again it was 1 inch shorter than my own hair. the darker color does match my hair easily but i am leaning so much to the blonde.

And her video:

And here is another customer who show herself :

We hope you could know that you are not alone with this . There are so many women are with you .

Show yourself !