Things you don’t know about the shunfa wigs

Noun interpretation

Is the hair root is the root of the hair, the hair is slightly hair slightly, braid cut, head and tail is not reversed, not chaos, this is the best raw material for the production of wig. Hair elastic
No staining method of identification is the natural color, the root is black, the tail is slightly dull yellow, or split. After the stain is also more flexible. (Baidu Encyclopedia)

you don't know the wig SHUNFA
you don’t know the wig SHUNFA

Personal view

SHUNFA refers to the hair layer with scales, and scales are basically in the same direction as the shunfa. SHUNFA is divided into two types: hair and braid.
And generally refers to cut off the head, head layer upside down yellow hair, Obe Xiana.
Pour root is the root lodging machine the bubble Pao Fa with hair follicles a head and slightly separated from and to achieve scale toward the same, the effect SHUNFA.
Of course they are different, the same origin and the general texture than the bubble to hard, root lodging itself is metabolism or the external force and loss of hair, so in the use of time, braid and hair than the inverted root hair more durable.

How to distinguish between global and SHUNFA

If single from appearance to identify bubble hair and SHUNFA, simply do not use the, so the identification method, personally do not agree. To sum up a sentence: “a look at the two touch three feeling”.
“A look at the appearance”, Shun Fat with the appearance of the scales, and generally not too acid treatment, also need not baked, appearance sometimes appear slightly some dull, bubble hair after a plurality of processing, the appearance of shiny.
“Two touch, touch the end from the beginning, very smooth, touch from the tail end, some rough, usually shunfa. After the bubble hair to remove the scales, no matter how you feel, basically does not tie a knot will appear smooth, which is why bubble hair the reason why the popular reasons, to find a girlfriend first impression is very good of, often can lasting walked over to a is not much. Haha
“Three sense” feel its softness, feel its elasticity, feel its moisture and humidity. (this will slowly hone your skills Oh!)

you don't know the wig SHUNFA
you don’t know the wig SHUNFA

SHUNFA treatment

The process of bubble SHUNFA and almost, most only eliminates the need for acid treatment procedures. Here is not a repeat.

Range of use

Because of the influence of factors in the prices of raw materials, pure SHUNFA products and their target price gap is very big, so demand is not very high, after all, rich people never accounted for the is one of the few, so the use range is not wide, and according to the needs of customers, we can only understand to give them a psychological comfort. If you meet a totally understand wig experts, but also to shun fa, the client basically decided not to be too much and the curtain, made mainly. (here that customers only for foreign customers, customers can not be generalized, after all China or many)