How to create a classic ponytail for special events



After several events at the start of 2016, ponytails as a classic but fashion style appears everywhere like Grammy Awards and the Oscar. We can read the summery: the simplest, the most classic.

There are plenty of ways to add interest to a ponytail and keep it fresh on any length hair without the need for ribbons and accessories. Here are a few ideas on how to create a really chic finish that looks stunning from every angle.

1.Brush dry hair smooth and draw it into a high ponytail at the back of your head. Secure with a covered hairband (hairband), then wrap a piece of hair round the hairband to conceal it.1

2. Lift most of the ponytail up and under to form a loop held against the base of  the ponytail with your band. Use the remaining hair to wrap around both the loop and all of the hairband.2

3. Pin the loop in place underneath so it is secure and the pins don’t show.


4. The ponytail should look like this when you have finished


5. The free ends can be backbrushed to make a fantail and spritzed with hairspray to hold, if you like


6. Alternatively, make a ponytail low at the base of your neck and positioned slightly off-centre


7. Roll the tail back under itself and grip in place, leaving one piece of the ponytail free to then wrap round the base and conceal the join


8. The end can be tucked into the base for a neater finish and pinned in place so it is secure. Spritz with shine spray to finish


Stylist’s note:
Always disguise a hairband (headband) by taking a small section of the ponytail and wrapping it round the hairband. Push a hairgrip (bobby pin) through the base to secure it.

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Ariana Grandewith her high ponytail walked the red carpet at Grammy 2016.8.1