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As a customer service of, I am told by more and more clients that wig products are changing the lives of people who suffer from the hair loss. I have to say that I am so impressed every time when hearing this kind of story, and also kind of proud for working into the wig career.

Share your story to let more people see that things will always be better if you find the right way and right products. Your story will inspire people who feel hopeless and helpless.

Send your experience, story and review pictures to, you will get considerable cash credit(10~100 cash credits)


“I just wanted to tell you that your wigs have changed my life. I used to be not self confident, but with your high quality wigs, I now am. Even though I only own 1 wig from your company due to money :(, your service is amazing and I have so much joy to know a company such as yours is around. I also make Youtube videos in which I will be starting to do reviews and such. But anyways, thank you, for CHANGING my life.”–Chris Rawlin


“I love this hair so much i bought two!!! this is my first topper of all time. when I first received the blonde i wasnt used to so much hair on my face and i was impatient so i cut the bangs and too short! then i paid someone to cut it and thin it out, then i cut again, then i tried to dye it dark ash blonde to match my hair and when i tried it on again it was 1 inch shorter than my own hair. the darker color does match my hair easily but i am leaning so much to the blonde.” – Msgreentea63ef782dccc2b12079a80d18dc83b723

“I adore Uniwigs, I started to lose my hair due to stress as my lil girl has a fatal genetic disorder and really felt lost, ugly and ashamed. I tried other wigs and they all looked exactly like that…a wig. Then I discovered Uniwigs and now….I love my 20 minutes every morning doing my make up and deciding which wig today. I have always loved ombre hair or trendy cuts/colours and Uniwigs offers them all. Every wig is made with love, care and professional. My daughter loves them as even she says they make mum smile and look cool!! 🙂 Buy you will NOT be disappointed. Really friendly and helpful and adore them, thank you Uniwigs…just thank you”   – Jen Justjen