How to Take the Frizz Out of a Synthetic Curly Wig

Synthetic wigs come in handy in a number of instances. An essential reason many people choose to use synthetic wigs is that they are much more affordable than natural fiber wigs. Unfortunately, synthetic material tends to tangle and frizz up much more easily than real hair does, which means a bit more care and attention in between uses. Curly wigs are particularly prone to frizzing out after a bout of heavy use. Some practical solutions can help gently calm and manage synthetic fibers on a regular basis.Curly Synthetic Wig from uniwigs.comStep 1

Comb through any tough knots or tangles very gently using a wig comb or pick. Be sure to use short, gentle motions on the wig as you detangle and avoid tugging roughly on the hairs.

Step 2

Fill a basin or sink with cold water and add about a tablespoon of wig shampoo to the water. This type of shampoo is gentle and will not stress the wig fibers like a regular shampoo might.













Step 3

Place the wig into the cold water and shampoo mixture and swish around gently to allow the shampoo to get into all the fibers. Allow the wig to sit in the water for about five minutes.

Step 4

Remove the wig from the water and rinse off with plain, cold water until all of the wig shampoo is washed out.

Step 5

Lay the curly wig on top of an absorbent towel with the bottom of the wig facing toward the towel and the curls laid out flat so that they have space to breath. Avoid brushing the wig while it is wet.

Step 6

Spritz a synthetic wig conditioner over all the curls while they are still damp. Hold the bottle about a foot away from the actual fibers. This product will encourage a frizz-free final hair piece.

Step 7

Allow the wig to dry completely. Remove the hair piece from the towel and shake the curls gently to encourage them to loosen and move.

Step 8

Comb through the curls very gently using a wig comb or pick. Comb each curl separately, if possible, and gently twist the curls using your fingers until the hair piece is smoothed out.