Why there is a hole in the lace?

Hello everyone. Last week we got an email from a customer who came from Missouri, her order number is 100016543, this is the picture she send to us:

And she said:

I received my unit this evening. The product I have received is in poor condition, of poor quality and appears to be, “used.”  There are two holes in the front of the lace.

From this picture, u would see , there are two holes on the front lace. Well, i am 100% sure this is a brand new wig. Please  let me explain why it has these holes.

U know our wigs are all handmade, so while the workers start weaving the hair , they need use tools to hold the cap on the model’s head first, like nails. So it is unavoidable to leave the holes. By the way, while u put the wig on , u have to cut the front lace and make it looks natural . So the holes will not effect the wig style at all.

So dear customers don’t get shocked if u find couple holes on the front lace , because those holes means our hard working people tried their best to offer u a fantastic uniwigs product.  Always believe in uniwigs and believe your choice.

Why Wigs Shed a Lot?

Hi, everyone , welcome to uniwigs studio. Lately we have got a lot questions from the customers . So we did a research and gathered some of the most popular questions in this beautiful uniwigs box.
Today i gonna random drawing couple questions and answer them right here.hope our dear customers will get a satisfactory answer.

Ok lets pick out the first one
.this is a question from a lady who comes from . New Jersey Her order number is 100016620 She said : It does come from China not Cali. My stylist said the closure was good quality which was good. I have had it in for about 2/3 weeks now and it sheds like crazy so I hope that slows down. The overall look is great though it looks very natural!

Dear customer , thank u for your question. U said your closure sheds crazy. Well,There are a lot reasons would cause this .
First maybe the way u comb it. Never comb a wig when its wet ! There was a customer worn a wet wig went to bed and next morning half of the hair were gone. When u brush a wet wig or like this lady worn it sleep which damage the fibers a lot and also will break the knots.that’s why the hair falls off.
While u brush it ,pick a wild tooth comb , start from here and brush to the roots. Gently brush the wig to remove teasing and tangling. Like this ……
We also teach customers how to wash and how to maintain wigs ,please check our website .
If u follow these steps, u will never get your wig shed like a spring rabbit ! All the celebrity wigs are made of real remy human hair . Please take care of it just like your own hair.

How to Identify Human Hair Wigs

Hi, everyone , welcome to uniwigs studio. Lately we have got a lot questions from the customers . So we did a research and gathered some of the most popular questions in this beautiful uniwigs box.

Today i gonna random drawing couple questions and answer them right here.hope our dear customers will get a satisfactory answer.

Ok lets pick out the first one

This is a question from a lady who comes from . New Jersey Her order number is 100016620

She said :  It does come from China not Cali. My stylist said the closure was good quality which was good. I have had it in for about 2/3 weeks now and it sheds like crazy so I hope that slows down. The overall look is great though it looks very natural!  

Dear customer , thank u for your question. U said your closure sheds crazy. Well,There are a lot reasons would cause this .

First maybe the way u comb it.  Never comb a wig when its wet ! There was a customer worn a wet wig went to bed and next morning half of the hair were gone. When u brush a wet wig or like this lady worn it sleep which damage the fibers a lot and also will break the knots.that’s why the hair falls off.

While u brush it ,pick a wild tooth comb , start from here and brush to the roots. Gently brush the wig to remove teasing and tangling. Like this ……

We also teach customers how to wash and how to maintain wigs ,please check our website .

If u follow these steps, u will never get your wig shed like a spring rabbit ! All the celebrity wigs are made of real remy human hair . Please take care of it just like your own hair.