Going into Blonde in One Minute

Going into Blonde in One Minute
Want to get a different Look, but don’t want to damage your own hair? Now you can get a long, blonde, beautiful look in just minutes!

The color of this beautiful blonde wig is ombre brown to perfectly ashy blonde. It is really long, about 20”, extremely thick, soft and silky just as natural human hair. Both suitable for daily wearing and costume parties, especially Halloween costume
because it can create a witch envy feeling.
Heat Resistant
Synthetic Hair Fiber
Pre-styled, ready-to-wear and can be styled with heat tools, it looks and feels like natural hairwe recommend you keep your heat tools at a setting between 250-275 degrees. Do not exceed 350 degrees. .
Lace Front – Ready-to-wear and virtually invisible, creating a natural looking hairline that gives you amazing off-the-face styling versatility and contours to the shape of your head. It will still look incredible natural and look like growing out of the scalp. This Sweety Futura wig does not have any fringe and it is totally depend on the lace front to give a natural looking.
Three combs inside the wig. One in the front and two in the side to make sure incredibly security on your head. It also has adjustable straps at the back so you can make it larger or smaller to suit the size of your head.

Spare wig combs are provided to help security and place in case of any issues with the one comes with the wig.