About the hair color-Uniwigs studio

Hi , everyone . Welcome to Uniwigs studio. From today, Uniwigs studio will give you guys the answer of some questions that were frequently asked . And we hope this will help you out.

Today, we will talk about the color of Uniwigs. A lot of customers were wondering: what does the “ LT-2” and the “14/16” mean ? And what kind of color is it ?

Well , we are trying to put on the description for all of the color carts . But some of them are mix color by different colors . And it is really hard to tell . So for this case , If you really want to know what the color looks , you could buy a color ring from our website . And compare the color ring to the color chart on our web, to choose the very best color for you. if we get the order from you guys . We will refund you the money of the color ring . And you even can keep the color ring for good .


If you just want to order the normal color like the “ black , blonde ,and brown , there will be no need to do this , and will save your more time .

Ok, here is the Uniwigs studio for today, today we talk about the color. If you have any suggestions or confuse, feel free to contact us. Our email address is: support@uniwigs .com

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