Salons Best Favorite–Tape Hair Extensions


A salon owner asked me “What is the best method of hair extensions available?” She seems to be confused about her business, but I think she was further surprised when I answered the question with a question: It depends on the hair type the client have and the effect you want? After long consideration, eventually, I suggested her to try some tape in hair extensions.


Tape hair extensions are hot in the market now. If your clients have thin to medium density hair and want to add length, volume or color, there’s no better method than tape hair extensions. There are no chemicals. They are non-damaging to client’ hair and will not pull the hair out. It will certainly solve the problem of thinning hair.


For stylists, the method is easy to learn, it requires no tools, the application, removal and re-application are straight forward, and it’s quick to apply, an hour or less for a full head.

Uniwigs tape in extensions are extremely flat and durable, conforms to the shape of the head, are comfortable to wear, and are the most natural hair extension method. No adhesive and no damage to hair at all! These extensions take less than an hour to apply. Uniwigs tape in hair extensions last up for over three months and the tape made of high quality German tape. Tape in hair extensions are made from the highest quality 100% remy human hair and have several of color options such as popular ombre, highlight, and piano color etc. No additional adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, no braiding, no clips, no chemicals, or messy removal. Easy to apply and remove.

So how do you think of tape hair extensions now? Welcome to cooperate with Uniwigs Salon program to expand your hair extension business.