Kate Middleton’s Best Hairstyle Moments

Want luscious celeb-worthy locks? Let’s have a look back at the Duchess’ best hairstyle moments today. Long curls, braided buns, ponytail, you can see Kate Middleton show off her different hair. Do you know how to get hair like her?

Kate Middleton hair braided bun

A more ‘fun’ braided bun to match the bright turquoise dress.

Kate Middleton hair low side bun

Low, side bun.

Kate Middleton hair trademark curls

We wonder how long it takes for Kate to style her trademark curls?

Kate Middleton hair sleek style

A more straight and sleek style than usual.

Kate Middleton hair ponytail

Kate Middleton with a posh ponytail.

Kate Middleton hair  half-up, half-down style

This half-up, half-down style looks very girlish on Kate.