Medical Wigs

Medical wigs are specially designed for those who are suffering from hair loss due to an illness and/or treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia or other female pattern baldness. However, they can also be worn by anyone who is in demand of the ultimate “in” comfort and realism.

There are a number of wig cap constructions found in the different designs of medical wigs, among which the Monofilament Wigs are considered to be the best choice. The caps are lightweight and soft which therefore avoid irritation. They are also secured firmly onto your head making them look perfectly natural.

Monofilament wigs are also light in weight and well ventilated giving you the illusion of real hair growth on the top making you not only feel great but also look great too.


H7001-2_human hair wig

H15001-11_human hair wig


H8001-2_human hair wig


S68002-1_synthetic wig