Amazing Hairstyles Suitable to Wear in May

Next to September and December, May can be the best time of the year with sun shining, followers blossoming , with everyone in his best mood. Plus, we can wear lots of amazing hairstyles to show our beauty.

Hello May

No one would like to miss these beautiful and elegant hairstyles that best matches you and the best season.


Laid-back Beach Waves

Try this laid-back beach wave hairstyle then. Beach waves are one of the rare trends that surpasses trendiness and becomes a beauty stalwart as a go-to look for stars and civilians alike. If you happened to have wavy hair, then simply style it with some high quality spray and power to get it done.


Massy Top Knotted hairstyle
Massy Top Knotted hairstyle

If you are tired of let all your hair down or your hair is simply thin and short, then this massy top knotted hairstyle would be a better choice to try out. As when you try it on a sunny May day, you will surely look young and vibrate.


Middle part straight hairstyle
Middle part straight hairstyle

This is the simplest way to style your hair everyday when your hair is straight and long. Who denies that simply hair is not beautiful? We all like gorgeous straight long hair!


Side-swept hairstyle with bangs
Side-swept hairstyle with bangs

Shorter blunt bangs aren’t for everyone, but long sideswept bangs, on the other hand, totally are. When pushed to the side like on Cameron Diaz, shorter front layers draw the eye to the tops of cheekbones, making the face appear slimmer and more defined. This hairstyles would definitely may you stand out in this May.

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5 Hottest Hairstyles of Hollywood Actresses

Are you also excited to know who are the most hottest 10 hairstyles of Hollywood Actresses? It’s a great way to know about the fashion trends of Hollywood, and also a great way to get the most trendy hairstyles. Now, let’s get a sneak peek of who they are together.


#1 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

The most classy hairstyle Jolie most have must be this messy middle-length hairstyle, with Neutral Blonde Highlights and loose ends. She rarely wears a bang with hair hairstyle thanks to her oval face shape.

#2 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

She never fails to attract the whole attention of her audiences no matter with this middle-part long, loose curled hairstyle, or with a pixie, messy, layered hairstyle. Which hairstyle do you think would better fit you? Elegantly long or Sexy short?

Jennifer Lawrence with short hair



#3 Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie is has modeled many characters with her unique charm and professional acting skills. We love her gorgeous brown Long Natural Straightened hairstyle with copper tones.



#4 Emma Stone

Emma Stone

I really have to admit that she looks good in any color of hair, and this super-talented actress has been one of the most appealing since she hit the screens.



# Rachel McAdams



As a Canadian actress in the Hollywood, she is so successful in her acting career. There is nothing about her that is not nearly perfect, no matter if she is playing a villainous vixen or a heart-wrenching love interest. Her hairstyle is always embellishing her overall charm, especially this one.

Those gorgeous hairstyles on 2014 Golden Globe Awards

Great congratulations to all the stars who are honored to walk the red carpet of 2014 Golden Globe Awards! And many of them have leaded us to the 2014 trends not only of apparel, makeup and other fields, but the most importantly, their hottest hairstyles will be the most glittering part of 2014.

Who is your favorite actress? How do you like her hairstyle? We have listed the 5 most inspiriting hairstyles here. Never hesitate, take a quick view now to see if she has been there.


Caitlin Fitzgerald

She makes a savvy choice by opting for relaxed hair and make-up, which keeps the look from veering to retro.


Kaley Cuoco

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress completed her look with her Ombre Color hair and distracting green eye shadow. With this stunning hairstyle, she made this dress flawlessly perfect.


Mayim Bialik

She looks so much prettier than her Big Bang Character and I really think this is the first time we’ve seen Mayim looking so glamorous; it’s all thanks to her gorgeous hairstyle.


Olivia Wilde

Want to know what a gorgeous pregnant mermaid would look like? Just take a look at Olivia Wilde at the 2014 Golden Globes. She is just gorgeous with long ombre down hairstyles.


Custom Reese

She walked the red carpet in an aqua Calvin Klein dress with a brand new asymmetrical lob — that’s a long bob for those who haven’t been following the latest trends. It’s straight, sleek and totally fresh — it’s Posh Spice’s “pob” with a sweet, girl-next-door twist.


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Hairstyles for the Coming New York Fashion Week

Will you go to the coming New York Fashion Show in September? We’re so excited at the new & trendy fashion elements of the next year.

So, what hairstyles will you wear to be the center of attention and keep up with the latest trends at the show? Never let your hairstyle spoil your perfect look during the special week. We are here to give some inspirations.


If you have short hair

Short hairstyles can be cute, elegant, and even sexy. It depends on how you style your hair and what garments and makeup you use to match.


short 3

This short hairstyle will surely give you a sophisticated feeling.

short 1

Short cut with braids plus uncomplicated accessories looks also very chic.

short 2

Having a nice and layered short cut may be a great choice?


If you have long hair

Long hair can be styled as many different times as you want. For texture, you can choose straight or wavy, curly or yaki; for styles, you can choose down hairstyle or half up-do, ponytail or braids. Anyway, the best hairstyle is about getting the best style to suit your face shape.


long 2

Long & wavy hairstyle will be easy for outfit matching.

long 3

Sexy and mature, long hairstyle with braids.


Lovely half up-do hairstyle for long blonde hair.


Simple yet chic long, straight hair really draw the whole attention.



Super love this gorgeous long and wavy ponytail.


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