Happy 2013 Halloween!

When will you start to become excited at the coming Halloween? For me, Halloween means excitement at various costume parties. If the last Halloween is mixed with indulgence before the so-called Doomsday, then this year is gonna be a new beginning. Anyway, Happy Halloween, ladies and buddies!


Although Halloween is not an official holiday, we can still have fun and give ourselves a short break and then embrace the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. Any good ideas for the 2013 Halloween?


Red Synthetic WigYellow Synthetic Wig

Making a change by wearing a halloween wig with a totally different color from your own hair will gain most attention. But this may need the matching make-up and costumes.


















Another popular try may be wearing Halloween Costumes including cross-dresses, animal shaped and plant shaped dresses and other fancy dresses. You know the excitement to see the surprising looks of the people seeing your costumes, right?



How many of you would like to frighten people by hiding in the dark? I bet this costume and make-up will be a great success. Will you try this out?


Scary Family Photos

Woh-hoh!! What about taking scary family photos? This must be written into a family tradition! (Just kidding.)

Kinda look forward to the coming Halloween party now…