Cannes Film Festival 2024: Achieve the Look with Hair Toppers

Right after the Met Gala, the Cannes Film Festival 2024 has just opened recently. As one of the most famous and grand film festivals, everything at the event gets magnified tenfold. Even though it’s a film festival, we can’t get over all those red carpet photos and celebrity styles. People have high expectations for this event and are ready to praise or critique any style that catches their eye.

One of the most talked-about aspects of celebrity looks, apart from the dresses and makeup, is their fabulous hairstyles. Every single one of them seems to have the perfect hairstyle and hair volume, making their hairstyles look almost impossible to replicate, right?
Well, in fact, celebrities using hair extensions or hair pieces is no longer news. Take a look at all the remarkable hairstyles that caught our eyes on the red carpet and learn how we can achieve them effortlessly using alternative hair toppers.

Salt and pepper

Let’s first talk about Jane Fonda’s elegant silver hairdo. That volume, those framed curls… it’s the cherry on top of her coat, right? But hey, if you’re rocking that silver-gray hair like Jane, UniWigs Salt and Pepper topper is your go-to topper for adding some serious volume.
Now, a word of caution for those synthetic topper lovers: heat isn’t your friend. But fear not! There’s a trick up our sleeves. The best way to style it? Wet the hair and wrap it around a foam or fabric roller. It’s like giving your topper a little spa day, and voila! Gorgeous curls without the heat damage.


Blonde hair and a pink jacket? Classic combo! Even if it’s just an airport outfit for Heidi Klum, it still turns heads. Now, let’s talk hair struggles. Straight hair might seem like the dream, but if you’ve got thin or fine hair, it can feel like a never-ending battle. And let’s not even start on curls—those are a whole other story.
Enter UniWigs and their blonde topper! Picture this: you, strutting your stuff with the perfect hair, no matter what style you’re after. UniWigs’ upgrade Courtney topper is here to save the day! Made from human hair, so you can curl it, wave it, twirl it—whatever you fancy. And the best part? UniWigs just dropped their new blonde series for this topper, featuring 4 gorgeous blonde shades. Every blonde babe will find their perfect match!

eva green

French actress Eva Green always stays true to her style—cool, elegant, with those signature black locks and stunning dresses. But let’s talk about those choppy bangs of hers. We all see Eva and think, ”Wow, she rocks those bangs effortlessly.” But let’s be real, getting bangs like that takes some serious courage. If it doesn’t work out, you’re stuck wearing baseball caps and knit hats for months. Not exactly the vibe we’re going for, right?
Well, here’s where UniWigs comes to the rescue! Ever wanted to try those bangs without the commitment? UniWigs clip-in human hair bangs to the rescue! Made from human hair, you can style them any way you want without the stress. Go ahead, channel your inner Eva Green, or whoever else inspires you, without the risk of a bad haircut haunting you for months. Let your hairdo be the least of your worries, and rock those bangs with confidence!

The Cannes Film Festival showed off some seriously cool haircuts and styles—everything from elegant updos to rockin’ pixie cuts. Whether you’re feeling the classic vibes of Jane Fonda or the laid-back glam of Heidi Klum at the airport (seriously, who looks that good at an airport?), UniWigs has your back with our awesome toppers. Level up your look and unleash your inner celeb with UniWigs—because why wait for the red carpet when you can slay every day?