Fourth of July Hair Trend: Keep Your Hairs Varied and Popular

Would you like walk in the time machine and return to your mother’s era? To see the popular hair style on your mom, born with her, grow up with her and then become her.

1. 70’s Hair Style
The Magical Synthetic Lace Front Wig is a representative 70’s wig, it has the feathered look, when you wear it, your mother may think of her childhood. This look was popular by actress Farrah Fawcett, who stepped out in the soft, feathery hairstyle on the set of Charlie’s Angels. The style includes mid-length and long hair, brushed back and outward at the sides, just like the feathers of a bird. This hair style was worn by most of people on at era, celebrities or not, and its influence can be given expression to contemporary hair styles.

2. 80’s Hair Style

The Grey Kisses wig is popular on your mother teenager’s time, explosive curl shows the unique personality on your mom. The 80’s own the big, a lot of curl locks on people, often in groups of long, curly hair, almost the huge hair was everywhere. If you mom has taken a few hours at the salon to get the perm? And the Los Angeles appearance hair gel and the Australia hair spray were key to up the perfect that made your mom’s hair as sticky as the jackfruit

3. 90’s Hair Style

Refer to the 90’s hair style, may you first think is the Rachel Hairstyle, who took on the role of the popular TV show, Friends, she inspired millions with her unique full hairstyle that came to be known as “The Rachel.” But actually, the Goldilocks – Short Straight Version is also the typical 90’s hairstyle, in this period of time, you may born in the world, if this short hair is your child memory? After a transitory volume hair trend during the 80’s, famous person began avoid the mega-curls and perms of the 80’s like, and instead choosing extraordinary long, straight locks. Also, the use of straightening irons became a standard part of your mom’s hair routine in order to achieve the sleek look.

4. 2000’s Hair Style

The 2000’s was an excellent period of time for hair styles. There are so much hair experimentation with the color, curls, or the bangs. If your mother didn’t have one of these kind of hair styles in that day, she will definitely knew someone who have this hair style and may jealous of them. And the Black Pearl is always worn by the cool moms on the 2000’s. No matter you loved your mom or hated her, this hair will likely always be imprinted in your memory.

We can imagine that you wear one wig with the clothes that your mom wore before, and then show up surprisingly, your mother will confuse and think if she backed the life that she grown up. Just think about it I have laughed out.

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