The Perks Of Wearing Hair Extensions



When it comes to fashion, style and beauty, one thing I have learned is that never say never. Up to last week, my relationship with hair extensions was none. Complete strangers, BUT my wish for super long hair has been with me since ever, with the inherent irony that as much as I love long hair, I’ve never had it as long as I would have wanted it. Think Azealia Banks style.




Well, I’m inconsistent, I get bored, I get excited about haircuts, so I cut it so many times on a spur of a moment, only to later regret it. Story of my life. About 3 weeks ago, I think I cut my shoulder length hair again to a shorter version of a layered hairstyle, only to correct a failed one-length haircut from a few months ago. However, the timing this time was right, as a hair extension company from USA called UNIWIGS contacted me and gifted me with these AMAZING Remy Natural hair extensions.


Why I love them?
1. They are made from natural hair, so they are so silky and luscious like the healthiest hair you’ve ever seen. Being natural means you can style them (curl, straighten etc.) and even dye them.
2. They have clip ins, so putting them on is as easy as clipping your hair for a hairstyle you’re doing. Youtube is packed with tutorials.
3. They are the easiest way to change up your look, without having to wait centuries for hair to grow, or without committing to a certain cut. I’m obsessed with them!
4. They are LOOONG, and that’s the point of hair extensions.
5. They are pretty thick.
6. They are made up of 8 pieces, which let me tell you are more than enough. After putting 3 on, I was thinking of stopping there.
7. Price & quality is great and shipping super fast + great customer assistance and gift surprises. I got a hair brush! Icon smile The Perks of Wearing Hair Extensions natural hair extensions Uniwigs 4 .The Perks Of Wearing Hair Extensions

How to choose hair extensions?
1.First of all color. Choose one that’s as close to yours as possible. I would recommend, if you’re not sure, pick lighter because you can dye it. Also, do not sweat it, cause even if it’s a few shades different than your hair color, the extensions will blend in, and you’ll look like you have highlights or ombre.
Go for natural hair only.
2. Shape. There are the V-cuts, like mine, which is thicker on top (volume hello!) and thins out to the ends, like natural hair. Or there are the straight ones which have volume all over. I’d go for these ones next.
3. Weight & Length. Pay attention to the length and make sure they are long. That. Is. The. Point. Mine are 20”. Weight wise, the bigger the better. Mine are 90 grams. Don’t be afraid to go over 100 here. And pieces wise, I’m wearing 8 pieces, which is more than enough. So again, the more the better.


What I’m wearing?

20” 8 Pieces Straight Clip In Remy Human Hair Extension E82005 H. Click here to get it. Natural hair extensions Uniwigs 3 The Perks Of Wearing Hair Extensions natural hair extensions Uniwigs 8 The Perks Of Wearing Hair Extensions So has my life changed since my hair grew long overnight? Oh. I’m working faster, better results, I eat healthy now, I work out, I make less mistakes, I don’t get drunk anymore, I’m responsible.


While I’m still perfectly flawed to my bones, I am so with long hair. Whenever I please. My life with hair extensions is a bit more fun, less hairstyle fussy (bad hair days are gone!), and I do feel very pretty with them. There is something very sexy & empowering about having your hair all the way down to your bum and waist. Us girls need so little sometimes to feel good. And we should indulge in all the pleasures and treat ourselves with whatever the hell we’re crushing on one day. Like me yesterday: hair extensions, hats and baseball caps. And now the pics…