The Most Popular Celebrities’ Long Straight Hairstyles

Celebrities change their hairstyles as much as they do their clothes for the red carpets. Today I’m going to share with you the most popular young female celebrities of 2013 and their equally amazing long straight hairstyles.

Serena Gomez long straight hair

Serena Gomez long straight hair

Anne Hathaway straight hair

Anne Hathaway straight hair

Emma Stone blonde straight hair

Emma Stone blonde straight hair

Taylor Swift blonde straight hair

Taylor Swift blonde straight hair

Avril Lavigne pretty straight hair

Avril Lavigne pretty straight hair

Nyah Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Nyah Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

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Favorite Celebrities’ Straight Hairstyle

Celebrities seem to always be showing us what the leading fashion hairstyle trends are. This post is for those who love long straight hairstyles. Let’s take a look at these celebs that have previously had this particularly long style.


Beyonce straight hair


Kim Kardashian straight hairstyle


Camila Alves’s Medium-parted Straight Hair


Mila Kunis Strong Center- Straight Hair


Alice Yaki Straight Indian Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

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Favorite Celebrity’s Hairstyles–Bangs Edition

Celebrities always show us different images with their various different hairstyles and dresses. In this post, I’d like to share with you our favorite celebrities’ hairstyles with bangs.

Taylor Swift's bangs are a little long but still glamorous

Taylor Swift’s bangs, although long, are still very glamorous

Alexa Chung with piecey bangs

Alexa Chung with slightly parted bangs

America’s Favourite New Hairstyle Designs

European and American stars whom walk in the forefront of fashion today, introduce several of America’s most often imitated hairstyles.

Side burns and bangs give the impression of a soft, gentle and feminine woman, the hair of the neck should be kept short, so that you rnecks appearance will be extended.

This type of style draws in the back of the head, in order to highlight the curve of the face. Pay attention to the way this hairstyle fits around the line so the face.

The sharp edges on this style give an overall impression of the more dramatic look.

Trims should be worn according to the shape of your face, otherwise you run the risk of making the face look too big. A fringe can be used also to highlight this cute style.

The hair length to the collarbone is cut into mixed-level outlining the lips and cheek bones.

With this style, the length of the cut must be very precise and monthly pruning is required to maintain the health of the ends.

Long Haired Beauty Taylor Swift Displayedan Up Do with all Kinds of Beautifully stranded Golden Hair

Since Taylor debuted, she has kept her own fresh and clean style. Many young guys regard her as their own goodness. Now let us look back at Taylor’s hairstyles during her successful career.

Spell binding simple bun

Flawless Pale skin with matching red lipstick is always a good match. Any time Taylor manages to perfectly show her charm. Added with simple bun, she appears to kind of dominate the whole audience.

Concise All Back Firm Hair

Clean face, natural lips and a concise pulled back look makes her appearelegant, natural and breathtakingly beautiful.

Side parted Curled Hair

Curled hair is quite popular these days, with curly hairstyles being spread across South Korea as well as Europe and America. Many girls would like this kind of resilient hairstyle. Side parted with curls give Taylor a look of youth,energy and motivation.

Side Parted Straight Long Hair

The Side parted hairstyle seems to be more popular in recent years. Before, lots of girls used to keep neat bangs but now tend to haveopted for a long straight bang, which is placed into a side parting. Different from her former neat bang, this long straight bang makes Taylor appear more mature than her usual younger looking self.

Retro Wave Side Parted Curly Hairstyle

Even without her remarkable red lipstick, Taylor still successfully brings us the retro elegant temperament through the retro wave side parted curly hairstyle.

Casual Side Parted Low up-do hairstyle

This kind of hairstyle makes her face more roseate. The drooping hair along her cheekbonesgives off a more feminine temperament.

Michelle Obama’s Younger Look—With Bangs

Shoulder length hairstyles with blunt-cut bangs tend to increasingly be a celebrities favorite. The perfect shoulder length cut can neither be too long, nor too short, but should just hit the collarbone or little bit above.

First lady Michelle Obama’s hair is always perfect. She sported her new style. This youthful shoulder-skimming cut with eye-framing bangs on her 49th birthday and just before the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

Obama usually styles her hair pulled back tightly or in a sleek bob with a side parting. With this new cut, it’s taken years off her looks. Suddenly, first lady Michelle Obama’s new ‘do has become quite a media attraction.

Here are some reactions to Mrs. O’s bangs:

“A youthful new hairstyle: a straight, shoulder-skimming cut with bangs.” — People StyleWatch

“Gorgeous.” — Mrs. O blog