UniWigs 2017 Summer Wedding Season Collection

Summer is coming! It’s wedding season now! What do you decide first: wedding theme, wedding place, wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, wedding shoes, hairstyles or makeup? As a wig website, what we can do for you is offer beautiful and chic hairstyles ideas or wigs you may want for your special theme wedding.

2017 wedding hairstyles
2017 wedding hairstyles

If you want a high quality celebrity wigs, you can find here, if you want trendy wigs, you can find them too, or if you want human hair bundles and toppers, you can find them by click the picture too.

No matter we are just a wig websites, we do want to do all our best to thinking for every women, offer what they needs considers and dreaming for, solve all the question about wigs and hair if they get confused. So if you are try to know how to get a perfect wedding hairstyle from a wig, you come to the right place, UniWigs will be always here waiting for you!

5 Best Eye-Catching Hairstyles for Black Women

Beautiful hair is a dream of every woman. Here are 5 daily stunning hairstyles. Recommend which hairstyles suit you the most. Creat your amazing look!

Long Chaotic Waves
Long Chaotic Waves

Long Chaotic Waves
Keke Palmer’s radiant look impresses us with the fresh and lovely beach waves. Enjoy the sunshine by the sea with this long chaotic waves.

Straight and Sleek long hair
Straight and Sleek long hair

Straight and Sleek long hair
This evening look of Jessica White is the embodiment of wild sexuality and playfulness. Long sleek hairstyle makes you a stunning club girl.

Beach Waves with Side Part
Beach Waves with Side Part

Loose Waves with Side Bangs
Interesting way to style your sewins is to create beach waves. Use already wavy hair bundles to make your hair look more natural and sexier.

High Half-Ponytail weave
High Half-Ponytail weave

High Half-Ponytail weave
Natural hair blend with extensions is the key to successful long weave natural hairstyle.Create fairy tale hairstyle.

Minnie Mouse Buns
Minnie Mouse Buns

Minnie Mouse Buns
Looking for a cute and fluffy style for weekend? Take 5 minutes at most to creat the Bouble buns. Also a good choice for the date.

Just click the look you like to find a wig to get the look.

Trump and Women behind Him

Today is the day Donald J. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States in Washington. Trump maintained the typical image on the Inauguration Ceremony as usual—black suit, miserable look and the eye-catching flowing sparse “beautiful hair”.

Trump and Women behind Him 01
Trump and Women behind Him 01

Referring to Donald Trump, I believe the name of another person would occur to you immediately. That’s King Henry VIII of England. In addition to a few similarities in their family background and political career, their characters are surprisingly similar. Henry enjoyed the attention of beautiful women. “He engaged in serial marriage, but in contrast to Trump, his divorces were hard won, so much so that beheading became another option for ridding himself of a troublesome wife. Like Trump, Henry enjoyed the adulation of the crowd; he liked nothing better than to appear at a joust or royal parade,” says Virginia Mason Vaughan, professor emerita and research professor in the Department of English at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

Of course, both had multiple wives. Henry VIII married 6 women. One died, one survived, two divorced and two beheaded. Lucky of the wive’s of Trump. At least none of them lost their heads over divorce. However, all of them had something in common—wearing glossy long hair. Henry VIII’s six wives all wore red-golden hair or dark brown hair; for Donald Trump’s three wives, except the current wife with a dark brown hair, the other two are both blonde hair. This King of England seemingly preferred dark-hair ladies. Ivana Trump was Donald Trump’s first wife. The couple married in 1977. Bangs were Ivana’s standard hairstyle, either wearing a bun or handing down. Ivana always kept her straight or slanting bangs.

Donald Trump’s second wife was Marla Maples, who undoubtedly liked three-to-seven layered hair whose length was to shoulder. This hairstyle made her full of well-educated beauty. It should be noted that Donald Trump married Marla Maples in December 1993, the result of an extra-marital affair.

His current wife, Melania Knauss, wears charming dark brown hair. She was originally a model. The good look and sexy figure finally attracted Trump. Nevertheless, someone pointed out Melania’s academic background was fabricated and her speech script during the general election was a copy of Michelle Obama’s.

Well, except these, another highlight of Donald Trump is his henhouse-like hairstyle. Na matter where he goes, it must be the focus of the crowd. Trump’s life in meme picture! Maybe that’s why he always favored women with BIG hair!

Trump and Women behind Him 11
Trump and Women behind Him 11
Trump and Women behind Him 12
Trump and Women behind Him 12

How to make a different curled effects for a new look?

Practice using curling tongs in different ways to create all types of curl, including ringlets and spiral winds. Tongs are fantastically versatile styling tools once you have the know-how and you can choose ones with different-size barrels to suit.

Let’s look through some new curly ideas of celebrities:

Victoria’s Secret curls
Victoria’s Secret curls

Victoria’s Secret curls are the gold standard for sexy, beachy hairstyles. Look no further than angel Candice Swanepoel for sun-kissed mermaid waves that add volume to fine air and tame thick hair.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift shows how curls combine with bangs. A few spiral curls all around add texture that contrasts with blunt bangs.

Isla Fisher
Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher‘s simple hairstyle shows how just a few curls can add romance.

So let’s see how to create a new look of classic but fashion curls?

classic but fashion curls 1
1. Comb through clean, dry hair so that it is tangle-free.

classic but fashion curls 2

2. Spritz your hair all over with a heat-protective spray to prevent the tongs from scorching or drying out your hair.

classic but fashion curls 3

3.Working with a small section of hair at a time, place the tongs at the end and wind back up to the root. Hold for a few seconds, then release. Repeat the action with all of your hair.

classic but fashion curls 4

4. Alternatively, ofr a softer curl, place the tongs near the root and wrap the hair round the barrel of the tongs until the your reach the end.

classic but fashion curls 5

5. For a spiral wind, using small barreled tongs, take smaller sections of hair and wind from the ends up to the roots while holding the tongs vertically.

classic but fashion curls 6

6. This is how a spiral wind finish looks when it has been applied to the whole head.

classic but fashion curls 7

7. When all your hair is curled as you want it, tip your head upside down and shake to loosen curls.

classic but fashion curls 8

8. If desired, loosen again by running your fingers through the hair, then spritz with hairspray for hold.

Stylist’s note:
For a strong curl, wind the tongs from end to root, but for a softer look, roll from root to end.

There are so many ways to wear curls and you can never go wrong! Just grab your curling wand or flat iron and go.

Customer Review of Clip in Hair Extensions

We have new arrivals of human hair extensions for you! We know you would like to add extra colors, or lengths, or thickness to your hair, so this would be a great way for you to choose and have a new look in the new season!

And before that, we would like to recommend this customer’s review of it. You can also view the Italian version of it on her blog.


“ Hi girls! I got this extensions from a company called UniWigs a little time ago. I chose the extension with the effect of shadows or shatush because my hair is so true.

Package 1
UniWigs Logo

The extensions are clip in extensions and there are 7 pieces of them in the package: with one piece of 4 clips, two pieces of 3 clips and 4 pieces of 2 clips. The extensions are 26” inches long which I think it’s really great. The only flaw of the extensions may be that they are made with synthetic fiber.
package 2

package 3

At first, since I am not an expert on these gizmos, I found myself in trouble, but as I’ve really tried to fix them on my head, I started to apply them almost once a week. Unfortunately, when I chose the product I have seen that were synthetic hair, so I really could not use iron or other tools. The price varies by different textures they are made with and mine cost $39.69, you can check them our on their site.

With regard to the product I can not complain, perhaps because it is the first time I use the extension but are not so bad. It is a good product to change hairstyle whenever you want.

With regard to customer service are very nice and even so available , in fact I had a small problem with the site but they helped me right away.

With respect to shipments but I say SUPER SUPER fast! On February 8th, accepted payment and 10th I was called by the courier to get this beautiful package.

Customer Show of E72604
Customer Show of E72604

What can I say , I promote this entirely! ”


Will you try this out at this occasions of Women’s Day?

The Coolest Red Carpet Hairstyles from the MTV European Music Awards

What did you see about the past MTV European Music Awards? For ladies love hair and beauty, we have seen the dazzling and inspiring hairstyles of all the stars. Let’s have a sneak peek at what they are.



Bridgit Mendler.

Yes, we love her black long dress. It’s so outstanding and gorgeous of her to wear this up-do hairstyle with two strands of hair casually hanging down her chin.  Do you also like this pretty hairstyle?



Iggy Azalea.

Another black long dress with up-do hairstyle look. The difference is all hair hair up without bangs makes the star clear and refreshing in look. Next time you are attend a formal occasion, this look may be a great choice to try out.



Katy Perry

She is always appearing shinny and decent. This time you can tell her knee dress in solid color and her body wave hair in should-length. A must-have look to show your sophisticated  charm.



Miley Cyrus.

She is absolutely a sign of vintage, sexiness and wildness. Different from her usual long wavy hairstyle, she wears a short and ombre hair this time on the Music Awards.



Rita Ora.

Shoulder-length blonde hairstyle without any decoration. With this simple but beautiful hairstyle, she looks so gorgeous and the same sexy with other stars walking the Red Carpet.

(All the photos are from Getty Images)

Hairstyles VS Face Shape

What’s your face shape? What hairstyle suits your face best? Frankly speaking, I never thought this before and I just make a hairstyle that I think it should be. However I now would style my own hair according me face so that it will come out a perfect match.

face shapes


There are roughly 6 kinds of face shapes according to some research data and they are: heart, long, oval, triangle, square and round. We can know our face shape referring to the picture below. And then we’ll talk about how to make a haircut that best flatting our face shape:


1) Heart shaped faces. One famous star with a heart shaped face is Paula Marshall. By wearing a proper side-swept bang/ a fringe on her brow with long layers on the top, she has brought all the attention to her bright eyes. You will be willing to learn from her and you can also use your creativity to let your hair grow and have it done in layers which will gently touch your cheekbones.

Paula Marshall-heart shaped face

2) Long faces. A big point to avoid your face looking extra-long is to create the illusion of width to balance your face out when you have a long face or oblong face. Try to do your hair with long, side-swept bangs or chin-length bobs, which will add width to your face. If you would like to look mature, then curls or waves will also help to make it up to frame your face.

One thing you should keep in mind: never let your hair grow too long or have your hair cut too short because this will take away the width from your face and emphasize its length.

Holly Marie Combs- Long face

3) Oval faces. You are so lucky to have oval face because almost every hairstyle will work well with it. No matter how long or short, how straight or wavy, as long as you like, you can have your hair do any style as you like. Nevertheless, try not to get the hairstyles that add volume to the top of your head—this will make your face look longer.

Angelie Jolie- Oval face

4) Triangle faces. The triangle face shapes are usually narrow at the forehead, and widest at the jawline with a pointed chin. Ladies with this facial shape often look their best with short hair is fuller on the top and tapers down toward your chin, which shows off the foreheads and cheekbones, while detracting away from the chin.

Courtney Love - Triangle face

5) Square faces. The best hairstyle to match a square face to draw attention away from the jawline and choose a style that adds texture. Short curls and waves as well as long layers that start just below the jawline can exactly make this. Meanwhile, bangs cut to the eyebrows and shaped longer at the sides are also good hair ideas to balance a square shaped face. One don’t: one-length bobs or bluntly cut bangs will only emphasize the squareness of your face.

Julia Roberts-Square face

6) Round faces. Round face shapes mainly feature soft full cheeks and rounded foreheads and chins. So the best hairstyle for round shaped faces should focus on slimming the face and n this way, you can have your hair cut just below your chin or in graduated layers with long hairstyles. Again, one-length bobs or bluntly cut bangs should be ticked out.

Kelly Clarkson- round face

Do you know your face shape? Have you got the right hairstyles to flatter your face? Share it blow!

Do You Hate Your Natural Hair?

Have you noticed that you always think things of others are better than your, even when they are exactly the same? I guess it’s because that the grass is always greener on the other side. For hair, some people, who hold the thought their natural hair is not good as others, start to change the natural state of their hair and wear wigs, hair extensions or even change their original hairstyles into a totally different one.

Here are two super stars who hate their natural hair actually. You will never have thought that as a beauty like them, they should have experience like this.

Talor Swift. With a naturally curly brown hair in a school of most girls all have straight hair; will you feel different and especial? On the contrary, she felt left out of school just because of her curly hair. According to her words, she then had to choose to hide her natural curls and straighten them into the similar hairstyle to others.

As concerned her own favorite hairstyles, Taylor likes clean classic looks and enjoys wearing her natural curls in different styles which would work in harmony with her make-up and her clothing.

Talor Swift


On the other hand, Megan Park, the now 27-year-old actress and singer, had the perfection of curly hair when she actually had stick-straight hair when she was a teenage girl. She even wore a ponytail with her straight hair everyday just to conceal that she didn’t have curls on her hair.

Eventually she has accepted that straight hair has its own beauty and tries not to copy anyone else by now because she now realizes that her thick straight hair is resistant to frizz, easier to style and requires only minimal styling products to look beautiful.

Megan Park


It’s true that many people just think things of others are better than of them, without thinking that the things they own are a gift from God.

Do you hate your natural hair as well? Share with us the experience of how you fix the hair problem here!

Hairstyle Tutorial– Waterfall Braid

Always curious about how others achieve their hairstyles when seeing new hairstyles? Don’t let the complicated look stop your DIY ability! You can do it, too. Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial of waterfall braid for you.

You are beautiful and you will be more beautiful with a different hairstyle, what are you afraid of? Hurry to have a try now!



Step 1: Make a usual French braid on your right side

Step 2: Pull the left strand into the middle and take some hair from the top and pull it into the middle

Step 3: Drop down a strand from the right side

Step 4: Place the section that is just behind the strand you have just dropped into the middle part of the braid and continue using this technique until you reach the left side

Step 5: Once you reach it drop the strand of hair on the right as usual

Step 6: Now all you have to do is to wrap the left strand over the middle piece and secure the braid with a bobby pin.


See? It’s never hard to try! With just 6 steps you can achieve a nice hairstyle that you never think you would make it. Well, it may take some practice to make it perfectly looking. It’s really true that the more you try, the happier you will get from the experience of doing it yourself. Oh, never forget to share it with your friends!

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Hairstyles of Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries

I bet you must have watched The Vampire Diaries; it’s so popular among American teenagers, with all kinds of theme music, posters, videos, along with gossips filled with the web everywhere when you search anything related to the TV series. Yes, this drama has completely affected the ideas globally.

The Vampire Diaries first look photos

The Vampire Diaries first look photos     (Photo Courtesy:  Unknown)


There is a lot to talk about it, say hairstyles of the chief actress, Nina Dobrev.

Of course, as the heroine of the whole story, she has to have a beautiful face as well as long and luxurious hair not only to catch the two handsome men’s eyes but to attract millions of audiences’ attention. Are you also attracted by her hairstyles?

Nina Dobrev


How about trying hair extensions to style your own hair like hers? But remember, there will always be tips to choose and apply hair extensions.


When you choose hair extensions, factors like hair color, hair curvature and hair length should all be taken into account. Now most online websites dealing with hair extensions have their own color charts for you to choose from, which is really convenient to customers.


Ways to apply hair extensions may differ with different types. Of all the types of hair extensions so far we have seen, the type of flip in hair extensions may be the easiest to apply, which only needs a tail comb for help. And you can apply it to your own hair in minutes.


The Vampire Diaries-Season 5


At last, you may want to know the ways to care for your hair extensions. Strongly recommend you to read the instructions here.