Top 10 New Arrivals Collection of 2017

top 10 new arrivals of 2017
top 10 new arrivals of 2017

Top 10 new arrival wigs and hair pieces of 2017 are all here, you can check them all by click the banner, also see some of them here. See why people love these wigs. And then decide whether to get these new design wigs in 20% OFF with code NEWSALE20. This will be end on 29th, Jan, 2018. Don’t miss them!


Beautiful hair. Very soft and bouncy. The jet black is amazing. So dark and true. Will definitely buy again! Follow me on Instagram for more looks with this beautiful hair!! @makeupwithziggy


“This wig is so awesome and beautiful! It feels very comfortable and the synthetic fiber is really soft. The color looks gorgeous!! <3 I love it!” — Celine


“I LOVE this Hope Hair Topper, which I think really give me the Hope. The Super Large Base can offer the Full Coverage, just like a Half Wig. And I also love the hair Color, Almond Frost, which can match my Bio Hair Perfectly. Thank you so much, UniWigs, for making such a beautiful hair topper !!!” — Monik77

Mono Topper & Virgin Hair – Yes, It is Vickie!

Since from August, UniWigs launched several new products in droves, Vickie Wavy Virgin Remy mono topper is one of them. This product isn’t what is used to be. Here are some points for getting the attention you deserve. It’s different from other products or orders, adopted the most expensive human hair, 100% virgin remy human hair to be the original material will be ecstatic of joy. It’s full of nature looking and gives you option to style it as you like. Sixteen inches length couldn’t be over long or too short. Looking through the request and most people liking, we designed this wavy texture that will make you more charming and elegant.

Vickie Wavy Virgin Remy Human Hair Mono Topper
Vickie Wavy Virgin Remy Human Hair Mono Topper

Other than the addition to above attractive features, suitable and comfortable cap size is our caring about. 5.5”*6”unique base size is perfect for adding fullness, concealing thinning hair or covering new hairs between colors. Mono base with lace front gives the appearance of your own natural scalp. You can creates your own natural hairline and do off the face style like that.

So here, look for more details about Vickie mono topper, click:

HAIR LOSS should not be a Embarrassment

As a wig website , we have heard so much voice about hair loss , and how hard they are suffering like these :
–“Hi good day i am really desperate for a way to hide my front baldness i have been suffering from hair loss most my life i am 34yrs a mother of two girls i saw a lot of good reviews on your your hair pieces i was wondering if you offer any discounts im getting really depressed an very insecure i dont even want to go out cause of it can you please help me ”
–Hello.. I hope u will be able to help me , as iv just started my treatment of chemotherapy I was looking for the perfect wig and come across your site a few days ago , and iv Found the perfect one , the only problem I’m getting is in your selection boxes ei: length size and cap size , but it’s not giving me the option on what colour cap I shall need , it’s a full lace wig that I would like to purchase and it’s the light coloured cap that I’d need , how do I add this to my order please ? Thank you so much on your reply”

Are you one of them ?
What did you do to your hair loss problem ?

Today ,we dont want to offer you which product should you purchase , and offer you any promotion . We just want to say : you are beautiful as you are . If yo are one of them who are suffer this , dont be afraid . We wish that you could show yourself to others , although you have almost bald top on your head . You could show it by video , by pic . Like some of our reviewers . And you will know that how much does that mean to others .
Here is one of our reviewer ,who is a real customer of ours .
i love this hair so much i bought two!!! this is my first topper of all time. when i first received the blonde i wasnt used to so much hair on my face and i was impatient so i cut the bangs and too short! then i paid someone to cut it and thin it out, then i cut again, then i tried to dye it dark ash blonde to match my hair and when i tried it on again it was 1 inch shorter than my own hair. the darker color does match my hair easily but i am leaning so much to the blonde.

And her video:

And here is another customer who show herself :

We hope you could know that you are not alone with this . There are so many women are with you .

Show yourself !

UniWigs Releases Special Offers for Christmas and New Products for Thinning Hair

UniWigs is releasing a great promotion with up to 70% off selected items to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day from today to Jan 3rd, 2015. New hairpieces are just in for people to cover their thinning hair.

For many, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year and New Year’s Day boldly declares the coming of a brand-new year. UniWigs wants to share in the happiness of the season and rejoice with its customers. For customers who missed UniWigs’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale here is their second chance! With as many as 40 items up to 70% off and two hot selling items discounted by $100, UniWigs is releasing this Christmas special offers of the year.

UniWigs Christmas special offers for these 40 items will last for nearly a month! It’s time to share this biggest deal with everyone. After all, Christmas is the season to share and the time to enjoy!

First time customers who do not need those 40 specially priced items can still enjoy 10% off their first order by using the coupon code REG10. Returning customers will receive a big surprise sent out along with their orders. Besides, lots of special gifts are provided for customers willing to share their photos, videos, and comments about their orders with others on site.
UniWigs also has 10 newly arrived styles of mono hairpieces to help people cover their fine or thinning hair. We have two kinds of mono hairpieces available in about 8 colors and 10 sizes to meet everyone’s needs. One style is the traditional mono hairpiece made with quality remy human hair with mono top and clips. The other is a normal mono based hairpiece with hollows and pressure sensitive clips.
These mono hair pieces are supremely natural looking and allows for off-the-face styling. Application is also very easy. Please visit for more details.

Having favorably served its customers with wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces for many years, UniWigs is now one of the biggest wig brands online. With professional hair stylist teams and celebrity inspired hair styles, UniWigs has become a well- known brand broadly recommended by hundreds of YouTube gurus and customers. Many pictures, videos, and reviews are available on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter from UniWigs customers.

Effective Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

So it’s very soon to celerabate Mother’s Day and we know that moms never asks more on their special day except that you are ready to give your love to them. How can we celebrate this special day effectively?

Happy Mother's Day

Considering to express love to moms on Mother’s Day, it isn’t the amount of money spent (in fact, I get more of a kick out of saving money, usually). What makes Mother’s Day special to me is two things: getting a free pass out of normal mom work like laundry, cleaning, cooking and the like, and getting to spend time with my family. It’s easy and as long as you are willing to do, she will know.

Have a day off and stay with Mom.

This should be the absolute minimum you do to celebrate Mother’s Day. No matter how much busy you are, you have to leave this day free and spend the day together with her, talk with her, or do something with her and help her with the thing she is doing. Remember, stay with her on this special day.

Have a surprise party.

Not every mom will want a surprise party on Mother’s Day, so be sensitive to what the mom in your life will enjoy. I happen to love parties and especially love surprise parties, so the idea of having a surprise party on Mother’s Day — one at which the dads and kids are responsible for all the planning, prepping and cleanup — sounds insanely fun. You have to be serious about pulling this off right, though. No fair planning it and then making Mom handle the cleanup. Do it all.


Family Get-together

Have a family movie in the evening.

Family time is important for most moms, and finding time to do things together gets more and more difficult as kids get older and have their own social circles, jobs and events. So dedicate Mother’s Day night to a special family movie night. Mom gets to pick the movies. Dad and kids provide meal and/or movie-appropriate snacks, and everyone gets to settle in for some chill time together.

Make a memory book of the family.

For the creatively minded, having the whole family sit down for a couple of hours to put together a family memory book could be the perfect no-cost gift. Gather supplies you already have: an empty photo album, pretty papers, stickers, photos and the like. Put an hour or two into it, and have (or help) each family member create a page individually and then put them in the book, or work on each page as a team.

Buy Mom what she needs.

Pay some extra attention to what Mom really needs, for example, is she suffering hair loss? Then you can just buy her a wig to disguise this rest her hair to grow again. This should be able to be used on a daily base and last long. So that Mom would feel your deep love and care.

Mother's Day Sale
Mother’s Day Sale

And there is still chance for you to buy her a wig or hair piece. Save from UniWigs Mother’s Day Sale now!

Get to Know: Top Seller Hair Products of UniWigs in 2013

As the year 2013 has past and thanks to thousands of customers’ support and valued suggestions, has had a great and meaningful year. This year, we will continue to do our best to provide better quality hair products and better service for all our customers.


For this time, we think you may want to know our top seller hair products in the past year. And yes, we have selected 40 best-selling hair products with 10 top seller human hair wigs, 10 top seller synthetic wigs, 10 top seller hair extensions and top 10 seller hair pieces.




In the meantime, in order to reward our loyal customers, anyone purchases the products among the 40 top sellers will get 15% off the order. Oh, never forget to enter the Coupon Code: TOPSELLER when checking out!

Lace Closure Vs. Lace Frontal

As lace closure is almost the same except that they come in different sizes, and they come in different styles like free part, middle part and three part (also known as three way), so how to define them? Here we bring you the definitions and the pics showing what they are respectively.


Lace closure: This is used at the crown of your head and is sewn in with approximately 4-5 bundles of hair and the front is usually adhered with glue or other adhesive. They come in size 4″ x 5″ or 4″ x 4″ or 4″ x 3.5″ or 5″ x 5″. Lace closures are made using lace which gives the illusion of a natural scalp.

Natural Straight Three Part Lace Closure
Natural Straight Three Part Lace Closure


Lace frontal: This is a half wig which goes from ear to ear and is sewn with approximately 3-4 bundles of hair. The size is 13″ across and 4″ back. The frontal can be held in different styles and you can hold the hair back whereas the closure cannot be held back.

Natural Straight Free Part Lace Frontal
Natural Straight Free Part Lace Frontal


Wanna get to know what middle-part and three part lace closure and lace frontal are? Why not check out this video below to get a close look at the difference of them? Oh, never forget to shop high quality top hairpieces at

Celebrity-Approved Hairstyles for Back to School


Back to School Hairstyles


A new term of this year is coming soon, what Back-to-School hairstyles will you try for a different look upon the Back-to-School days? 

Uniwigs is now providing a variety of buns, braids, ponytails and hair extensions for you to choose from which will definitly give you a distinctive yet fashionable appearance. All on a reasonable price for school girls like you. Easily use the Code: SCHOOL15 when you securely checkout to save 15% OFF!

Never hesitate to style your Back-to-School hairstyles with these celebrity- approved ‘dos and look first-day fresh the whole year through!

Link of this compaign:



Wanna style your hair like celebrities? Go to uniwigs celebrity wigs at