The last 5 days for Christmas Sale 2017

You may have saw our post named “Christmas Sale 2017” before, but do you know that the sale will be end on 25th, DEC. That’s means it will be end in 5 days later, maybe less when you find this post. Today, here we not only want to tell you to hurry up in case miss this big sale, but also tell you more things you may don’t about UniWigs Christmas Sale 2017.

hair topper christmas sale 2017
hair topper christmas sale 2017

1. For the toppers, we offer a much bigger discount for all the hair loss women, you can get 25% OFF with code CS25, save more than code CMASTREE20.

lavivid wigs christmas sale 2017
lavivid wigs christmas sale 2017

2. For the LaVivid Wigs, much more discount you can get: CS30 to get 30% OFF for all of them. Which means you can save up to 78$ for each.


3. Also for the 100% human hair wigs, we will special offer 30% OFF for a unique one every week with different codes, if you are a human hair wigs daily wearer, you should really keep your eyes on our website to save about 200$-$300 for each of them.

Why the curved 6*6 base topper looks smaller than the plat one

Recently, some customers are confused about the size of the 6*6 base topper, today I just want to show you guys how to measure the topper size right in the video.

The Curved Topper Base is Designed to fit the Crown Shape, so please take the proper method to measure the Base Size correctly. Actually not only the 6*6 size human hair toppers, all of the topper size should measured on the head. UniWigs has created a 6×6 Topper with our New Platinum-Fit Lace Closure that perfectly conforms to the shape of your crown.


Offered in 3 density options, you’ll always have the perfect level of coverage.  The lace closure is easy to install and allows for free parting. Top quality Remy hair with cuticle aligned to prevent tangling and shedding problems. Just click the picture to see more details about this 6*6 lace base topper.


One Day Sale for Independence Day 2017

It’s time to celebrate Independence Day 2017 ! What’s your plan for Independence Day 2017? As a wig store online, we want to do more, want to do our best to join you guys with this big day. First, what we can do is offer special coupon only for this day with code “ID25” to get 25% OFF for everything in our online store.

Independence Day 2017
Independence Day 2017

Second we want to offer inspiration for you with ombre wigs to add color to your summer:

Lavender Dawn
Lavender Dawn

About Lavender Dawn:

Inspired by the deep rich colors that peak right at dawn in Southern California, UniWigs brings you a glamorous twist of Lavender with hints of sun,embodied in luscious long curls that make this the perfect choice for everyone this season.As with all of The Trendy Collection,we combine the natural look and feel of our heat-resistant synthetic hair,with our ultra-comfortable french lace cap.Finding that look you wanted was never easier.

Third we want recommend June Penny Collection for all of women who need hair toppers for thinning hair, click here to find more hair pieces for hair loss:


As a Customer Service on, so many questions has been asked. So today I am gonna summarize and offer you guys the necessary information at “Question & Answer”:

hair toppers
hair toppers

Q: What should I buy to cover my head, I have thinning hair on top and crown.
A: Dear Madam, we highly recommend you to order the hairpieces for the hair loss.
Totally there are lace closures and mono toppers. Lace closure will be more popular for the brown or darker skin. But mono toppers are more for white or pale skin.

Q: I wanna the lace closures but not the toppers. But there is no blonde or light shade color I can choose.
A: We are sorry for the inconvenience. Madam, please note that we can make the custom color for you, which the extra cost will be $30-$50 more.

Q: Can I ask to sew clips on it so that I can clip in?
A: There is the “Clip in” selection on the product page which you can choose. The price will be $5 more.

Q: But I need help for how to choose the right hairpiece.
A: Please measure the front hairline to back and side to side you need to cover. That will be the right dimension you need to order.

Q: The hair topper I ordered is kind of too small and thin, people can see my bald crown.
A: Hair toppers aim to cover the top of our head, and the mono top will give you the more natural parting line on the front. If you want to cover the crown part, you may need to order the bigger dimension which can across your crown or you can ask the higher density for the topper which will be the custom product.

hair loss occurs only on the natural hair? 

Who says that hair loss occurs only on the natural hair?  Actually hair loss does happen on the hair system as well.  This is caused by bacteria and friction that the hair system encounters every day. Either of the two or when combined together will affect hair loss in the hair system however, this can be prevented so that the hair system will last longer.

Hair replacement system easily rubs off due to friction caused by the absence of Sebum which is natural oil that protects and lubricates the hair follicles from friction.Hair fall is caused by sleeping on a coarse material pillow case.  Constant rubbing with the coarse fabric will cause hair breakage.  The best way to avoid this is to use a satin fabric for your pillow case.Combing and brushing too often will cause hair fall, to avoid this, using of Spray Luster Mist which is a lubricating agent will keep the hair moist and reduces the friction between the hair and the comb.Bacteria cause the hair system hair loss. The most vulnerable part of the hair system are the knots because they hold and retain moisture, any build up will naturally break and weaken the hair shafts of the hair.

20″ Straight Indian Remy Human Hair Flip In Hair Extension

You can use Brandywine shampoos because it is made specifically for hair systems, both synthetic and human hair.Use a knot sealer as often as possible whenever you use hair styling products. We can not avoid using styling products to help the hair look good however, with constant use this tends to weaken the knots and will cause hair fall. The knot sealer slows down and stops hair loss while locking the hair knots to the base of the hair system.

Hair system is the best non surgical hair loss solution, this is the most natural method of giving back our hair however, but hair loss in the hair replacement system can be avoided is we only adhere to the proper caring of the hair replacement system.

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HAIR LOSS should not be a Embarrassment

As a wig website , we have heard so much voice about hair loss , and how hard they are suffering like these :
–“Hi good day i am really desperate for a way to hide my front baldness i have been suffering from hair loss most my life i am 34yrs a mother of two girls i saw a lot of good reviews on your your hair pieces i was wondering if you offer any discounts im getting really depressed an very insecure i dont even want to go out cause of it can you please help me ”
–Hello.. I hope u will be able to help me , as iv just started my treatment of chemotherapy I was looking for the perfect wig and come across your site a few days ago , and iv Found the perfect one , the only problem I’m getting is in your selection boxes ei: length size and cap size , but it’s not giving me the option on what colour cap I shall need , it’s a full lace wig that I would like to purchase and it’s the light coloured cap that I’d need , how do I add this to my order please ? Thank you so much on your reply”

Are you one of them ?
What did you do to your hair loss problem ?

Today ,we dont want to offer you which product should you purchase , and offer you any promotion . We just want to say : you are beautiful as you are . If yo are one of them who are suffer this , dont be afraid . We wish that you could show yourself to others , although you have almost bald top on your head . You could show it by video , by pic . Like some of our reviewers . And you will know that how much does that mean to others .
Here is one of our reviewer ,who is a real customer of ours .
i love this hair so much i bought two!!! this is my first topper of all time. when i first received the blonde i wasnt used to so much hair on my face and i was impatient so i cut the bangs and too short! then i paid someone to cut it and thin it out, then i cut again, then i tried to dye it dark ash blonde to match my hair and when i tried it on again it was 1 inch shorter than my own hair. the darker color does match my hair easily but i am leaning so much to the blonde.

And her video:

And here is another customer who show herself :

We hope you could know that you are not alone with this . There are so many women are with you .

Show yourself !

Boy Grows Out His Hair for 2 Years to Donate to Kids With Cancer

At the age of almost four, Elijah Edney has never had a haircut in  his life.
But now he can’t wait to visit the barber’s – for two reasons. Losing his 2ft long golden tresses will mean that strangers stop mistaking him for a girl.



And the hair will be donated to charity, to provide a wig for a child with cancer or other conditions.

Elijah Edney needs to raise £350 for his hair to be turned into a wig for children with cancer. He has never had his hair cut but decided to take his first trip to the barbers because he is mistaken for a girl.
Mrs Edney and her husband Dean, from Buckland, Hampshire, will give their son’s locks to the Little Princess Trust, which helps youngsters suffering from hair loss.
Elijah, who has a six-year-old brother, Beau, is looking forward to having a spiky, two-inch crop.
Mrs Edney, a dinner lady, said: ‘Elijah has always had beautiful hair, so I let him grow it like he wanted. It’s like silk.
‘But now it is at a stage where people mistake him for a girl and he wants it cut into a boy’s haircut.
‘He will be four next month but everyone thinks he is a girl and he’s started to get frustrated.
Elijah’s shorn hair will go to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer and other hair-loss illnesses.
Mrs Edney and Elijah’s father, Dean Edney, want to collect enough money – £350 – to transform it into a wig for a sick child.
Mrs Edney said: ‘I couldn’t bear to see all Elijah’s beautiful hair go to waste and my mum mentioned about charities that use human hair to make into wigs.

What Can You Do With Hair Loss?

Hair loss has been one of the biggest flaws in the genetics of human being as it’s really annoying to find shedding of hair every morning or each time when washing the hair; what’s worse, when it come to severe hair loss, it will even cause anxiety because it takes our charm away. Good thing is, except for those irretrievable hair loss caused by medical treatment, we can still do something to control and even prevent them without seeing our doctor or buying expensive hair treatments and detergents.

Hair Loss Problems

Massage your scalp with hair oils

Great blood circulation of your scalp would greatly help in hair growth, which can be easily achieved by massaging your scalp regularly. This has been considered an brilliant treatment to mild hair loss and ladies who are longing for long and healthy hair.
Oils can be used: Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, etc.
Frequency: 3-4 times a week
Tips: Make sure the oil stays in your hair for at least six hours before washing.

Paste some hair-friendly formulas to your hair
Boil an equal amount of rosemary and sage leaves, complete with leaves and stems. After that, just strain the liquid and add it to your shampoo. You will find that they smell so wonderful together and they are really a great remedy to promote new hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

What's hair loss

Keep good mood and a healthy diet
Yes, research has proofed that stress, depression or anything related to bad mentality would exacerbate hair loss while good mood and mentality would result in hair growing due to great metabolism of cells. So get rid of unhappy things and just keep good mood!

At the same time, a healthy diet with balanced nutrition good to hair is also very important. Foods like fresh vegetables, seafood, diary, eggs and nuts should be added to your diet.

Try to wear mono wigs

For really severe hair loss and those who are not so suitable to the methods mentioned above, we strongly recommend you to wear wigs, to hide this problem and rest the scalp to grow new hair in a short term..
So we recommend UniWigs Monofilament wigs, which are specially designed for sensitive scalp, and are suitable for hair loss.

UniWigs Mono Wigs

The season of fall – how to avoid hair loss

It’s so good to embrace September: it means autumn has come! But have you noticed that as it becomes cooler, your hair not only looks bad but speeds up to lose? Are you experiencing annoyance when you wake and see those fallen hair on your pillow, on your bed, in the bathroom? Are you feeling powerless to see your hair becoming thin and withered with the ends split?
Hair Loss
If either of your answer is yes, then you should have to find the reasons and the solutions.

Do you know that hair has its regulations of growth with marching seasons? In spring, with fitting temperatures and moisture, hair grows faster than the other three seasons. While when it goes cooler in autumn, hair grows very slow even stop growing. In addition, in late summer or early autumn, hair in resting state occupies a big proportion, which is a main reason of autumn hair loss.

Besides, people sweat a lot in hot summer due to the high temperature; while in autumn suffer a lot because of dry weather and less sebaceous gland secretion, and their hair cannot gain moisture in time, thus result in dry hair, losing luster and falling off.

Apart from some diseases or medical treatment, the most widely spread reason for hair loss is stress, either from daily life or the work, or even both. Most people are experiencing hair loss due to the autumn depression, which is surely a danger to hair.

So you know the reasons, which would be easier to solve the problems of hair loss.

Here are some tips for your reference:
Keep healthy diet and drink more water in autumn. Do not worry if your hair loss is within relatively normal volume.

When you should go out, wear a hat or take a mist spray with you. Or if you want a fashionable hairstyle without damaging you hair, a wig is just a suitable alternative.
Take a view of UniWigs Wigs for Hair Loss.

Don’t wash your hair too frequently, two or three times a week is optimal. And remember to use nourishing and moistening shampoo when you have to wash your hair.

Most importantly, keep in good mood and duly handle your business with others, of course with yourself. That would be very significant to stay in the best mood and stay with beautiful hair!


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