How much hair weave you need?

Weave are attached to your head by sewing them to a tiny braid made out of your own hair. The track (known to hairdressers as a corn-row) runs horizontally around the back of your head. The tracks are done in the middle of your scalp underneath your hairline so you can’t see them.
The crown area of your own hair covers the top track making the hair extensions seem invisible. The number and size of tracks matches the number and size of wefts. The wefts and tracks ideally should be made in different sizes in order to match exactly the way your hair would look if you had grown it that way yourself.

Body Wave Clip In Human Hair Extension
Body Wave Clip In Human Hair Extension

Normally, Weft hair are applied in rows across your head with adhesive or sewed to braids. Some hairdressers prefer shrinkies/shrink-links and micro ring or fusion for pre bonded hair, the hair comes already separated into individual strands ready for application with glue on the tips.
How much hair you need depends on how many tracks you have. For example: If I had hair to my chin and I wanted hair to my bra line (about 18″ long) I might need 5 or 6 tracks/wefts depending upon my current haircut. If I had hair to my shoulders that was thin and stringy and I wanted it thicker and more luscious but the same length I might need 2 or 3 (or more) tracks/wefts. For hair weft under 18 inches, one packet is enough for full head. Over 18 inches, you should need more the one. If a hairdresser is doing your hair it is advisable to check with them as to how much you require for the hairstyle.
For the pre blonded hair, you should need 150-200 strands.Once again this depends on the style. For other methods eg strand by strand you will need to consult with your hair dresser. Once the tracks are done, the wefts are sewn to them and then your own crown area hair is blended with and combed over the extensions.

Sure, the Extensions should not be applied any lower than the base of your scalp (about even with the middle of your ears) and so your hair under this point covers the extensions while you wear it in pigtails, ponytails, french twists, french braids etc。 With proper care, Hair Extensions should last four months.

Hope it helps. Further Reading: Weft Hair Extensions

hair loss occurs only on the natural hair? 

Who says that hair loss occurs only on the natural hair?  Actually hair loss does happen on the hair system as well.  This is caused by bacteria and friction that the hair system encounters every day. Either of the two or when combined together will affect hair loss in the hair system however, this can be prevented so that the hair system will last longer.

Hair replacement system easily rubs off due to friction caused by the absence of Sebum which is natural oil that protects and lubricates the hair follicles from friction.Hair fall is caused by sleeping on a coarse material pillow case.  Constant rubbing with the coarse fabric will cause hair breakage.  The best way to avoid this is to use a satin fabric for your pillow case.Combing and brushing too often will cause hair fall, to avoid this, using of Spray Luster Mist which is a lubricating agent will keep the hair moist and reduces the friction between the hair and the comb.Bacteria cause the hair system hair loss. The most vulnerable part of the hair system are the knots because they hold and retain moisture, any build up will naturally break and weaken the hair shafts of the hair.

20″ Straight Indian Remy Human Hair Flip In Hair Extension

You can use Brandywine shampoos because it is made specifically for hair systems, both synthetic and human hair.Use a knot sealer as often as possible whenever you use hair styling products. We can not avoid using styling products to help the hair look good however, with constant use this tends to weaken the knots and will cause hair fall. The knot sealer slows down and stops hair loss while locking the hair knots to the base of the hair system.

Hair system is the best non surgical hair loss solution, this is the most natural method of giving back our hair however, but hair loss in the hair replacement system can be avoided is we only adhere to the proper caring of the hair replacement system.

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Customer Voice for Uniwigs Red Mermaid Ariel Sythentic Wig

I’ve been a long time client of UNIWIGS products.  How better to change one’s look temporarily than with extensions, clip-ins and wigs?! PLUS they treat their customers like GOLD to boot.

You’ve seen my blog outfits take a new personality when I use my favorite extensions.  It really helps define certain hair styles on dark hair like mine – most especially in photos.  I can’t commit to a permanent hair change and these products truly helped me express myself the way I intended to.

Today I trekked out to UNIWIGS warehouse and met the people behind my orders.  The owner and his assistant welcomed us and in to their facility and showed us the magic behind filling their client’s orders.  It was a pleasure spending time with them and seeing all the great products offered in person.  I felt like a VIP as they have never opened their doors to another. I was offered a basket full of their products and was helped in to a few pieces.  This post is featuring a new synthetic front lace design #SLO1003  <<CLICK HERE>>.  I was fitted in to a snug hair cap and the owner helped position it in place.

I have to say… I look GOOD in as a red head!  I styled it to part to one side and it was very easy to do with their special wig brush.  As I’ve experienced before with the extensions I own from them – the synthetic hair is soft, thick and luxurious.  I combed through it with my nails and it bounced right back in to it’s memorized curl.

What a transformation.  I look like a completely different person and my experience wearing my first lace front wig is amazing!  It isn’t heavy and the special hair cap kept me cool and comfortable even in today’s Southern California day of 80 degrees.

Here is a great alternative to reinventing your look for this new year.  I know I LOVE every single piece I wore today and will share a couple of more this coming week.

There’s a BIG Christmas sale going on now and suggest you take a visit and pick up some of their goodies.  They ship WORLDWIDE too!

Leave a comment and will message you once this style is up on their site for us all to own.  Who’s excited?!  Is there a color you would like to try?  Tell me.. tell me!

Remember:  The sky is the LIMIT and let your creativity run free my friends.  <3

UniWigs Releases Special Offers for Christmas and New Products for Thinning Hair

UniWigs is releasing a great promotion with up to 70% off selected items to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day from today to Jan 3rd, 2015. New hairpieces are just in for people to cover their thinning hair.

For many, Christmas is the most important holiday of the year and New Year’s Day boldly declares the coming of a brand-new year. UniWigs wants to share in the happiness of the season and rejoice with its customers. For customers who missed UniWigs’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale here is their second chance! With as many as 40 items up to 70% off and two hot selling items discounted by $100, UniWigs is releasing this Christmas special offers of the year.

UniWigs Christmas special offers for these 40 items will last for nearly a month! It’s time to share this biggest deal with everyone. After all, Christmas is the season to share and the time to enjoy!

First time customers who do not need those 40 specially priced items can still enjoy 10% off their first order by using the coupon code REG10. Returning customers will receive a big surprise sent out along with their orders. Besides, lots of special gifts are provided for customers willing to share their photos, videos, and comments about their orders with others on site.
UniWigs also has 10 newly arrived styles of mono hairpieces to help people cover their fine or thinning hair. We have two kinds of mono hairpieces available in about 8 colors and 10 sizes to meet everyone’s needs. One style is the traditional mono hairpiece made with quality remy human hair with mono top and clips. The other is a normal mono based hairpiece with hollows and pressure sensitive clips.
These mono hair pieces are supremely natural looking and allows for off-the-face styling. Application is also very easy. Please visit for more details.

Having favorably served its customers with wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces for many years, UniWigs is now one of the biggest wig brands online. With professional hair stylist teams and celebrity inspired hair styles, UniWigs has become a well- known brand broadly recommended by hundreds of YouTube gurus and customers. Many pictures, videos, and reviews are available on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter from UniWigs customers.

How to Pick the Best Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions allow women to add a couple of inches and volume to their locks without waiting for them to grow. It is a very much easy way to regain long mermaid appearance without waiting for so long time for natural hair to grow out. However, for the first time users, it will be much more confusing to select from numerous hair extensions. Here is going to recommend you several tips to give you consultation in how to pick the best hair extension for you.


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Match the Hair Extension to your existing color offers a wide range of colors that makes it easier for you to find the right shade. Compare your natural hair color with the color on the website. You should also consider how many shades of hair color you have in the head. When choosing among the colors, you could try looking for which one is the closest to your natural hair color. This would make it undetectable to onlookers, instead of appearing unnatural like a wig. If you want to choose one which would complement your existing hair, then you could go for hair extensions colors that are slightly different from your natural hair color but would enhance your look beautifully.Fluorescent lighting does not show a true representation of hair color. Avoid this lighting type when matching hair extensions colors to your own hair.


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Match Hair Extension to your textured hair

For a better match between your hair and your hair extensions, choose hair extensions that closely match your own hair’s texture. For example, those with fine, wavy hair should choose hair extensions with the same wave strength and fine texture.


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Remy Hair Extensions

Remy is the method of bundling human hair to keep roots and ends in the correct direction. Hair extensions made from Remy are often tangled free because the cuticles of the strands don’t get caught against each other. Remy hair is also considered to be the healthiest because it is picked one strand at a time.

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Luxury Virgin Remy 100% Human Hair starting at $98

Clip in Ombre Hair Extension

7Pcs Clip In Hair‎

9Pcs Clip In Hair‎

A Season of Hair Extensions

It’s so soon that spring comes! To look more beautiful and colorful in this warm season, you may just think of hair extensions. Yes, you can get longer and thicker hair in minutes by using hair extensions.


I don’t know how many of you have come to UniWigs official site for its beautiful human hair clip in hair extensions, but just stay away because of their high prices. I just know that to meet your demands of high quality hair extensions with affordable prices, UniWigs now has updated their products with some less expensive while long lasting human hair extensions. They come in different lengths and colors, just to make you look different and beautiful in this beautiful, comfortable season.

Remy Human Hair Extensions
Remy Human Hair Extensions

To some other people, colored hair extensions with bright colors are also very popular among young ladies who love fashion and beauty. No matter you love one piece of single colored hair extensions, or several pieces of ombre colored hair extensions, you will definitely find what you want here at UniWigs.

Customer Show of TBE0008
Customer Show of TBE0008

You don’t know how you would look on long, ombre colored hair extenisons? No worries any more, you will find the best look from this Youtube Guru by watching her video:

What are you going to embrace this season of colors? Choose some hair extensions now!

Customer Review of Clip in Hair Extensions

We have new arrivals of human hair extensions for you! We know you would like to add extra colors, or lengths, or thickness to your hair, so this would be a great way for you to choose and have a new look in the new season!

And before that, we would like to recommend this customer’s review of it. You can also view the Italian version of it on her blog.


“ Hi girls! I got this extensions from a company called UniWigs a little time ago. I chose the extension with the effect of shadows or shatush because my hair is so true.

Package 1
UniWigs Logo

The extensions are clip in extensions and there are 7 pieces of them in the package: with one piece of 4 clips, two pieces of 3 clips and 4 pieces of 2 clips. The extensions are 26” inches long which I think it’s really great. The only flaw of the extensions may be that they are made with synthetic fiber.
package 2

package 3

At first, since I am not an expert on these gizmos, I found myself in trouble, but as I’ve really tried to fix them on my head, I started to apply them almost once a week. Unfortunately, when I chose the product I have seen that were synthetic hair, so I really could not use iron or other tools. The price varies by different textures they are made with and mine cost $39.69, you can check them our on their site.

With regard to the product I can not complain, perhaps because it is the first time I use the extension but are not so bad. It is a good product to change hairstyle whenever you want.

With regard to customer service are very nice and even so available , in fact I had a small problem with the site but they helped me right away.

With respect to shipments but I say SUPER SUPER fast! On February 8th, accepted payment and 10th I was called by the courier to get this beautiful package.

Customer Show of E72604
Customer Show of E72604

What can I say , I promote this entirely! ”


Will you try this out at this occasions of Women’s Day?


When it comes the end of the year, there is always topics about who have been selected the hottest cover figures in 2013. Beyonce will be surely standing in the line,  and who else?


Gisele Bundchen on Vogue
Gisele Bundchen on Vogue

Are you also shocked by her inviting figure? This cover of the Brazil version of Vogue in June, 2013 was photographed 2 months after Gisele gave birth to a baby. Love her hairstyle, messy and all pulled back but doesn’t even decrease her charm.



Kim Kardashian on Fashion Book
Kim Kardashian on Fashion Book

Another Hot Mom, Kim Kardashian, who can easily express her sexiness and attracts all her fans with just a little expression, landed on the cover of CR Fashion Book this year. Her gorgeous long hair perfectly matches her enchantment so well.



Stephanie Seymour on Interview
Stephanie Seymour on Interview

Stephanie Seymour is no doubt the best example of the early super models. Even though she is now 46, time never shows on her face. With this photo on the cover of Interview, she shows you what a sexy woman is and how to define the real sexiness.



Kate Moss on Playboy
Kate Moss on Playboy

Kate Moss must be the oldest Playboy bunny in the history? This December, she becomes the cover girl of the 60th anniversary issue as the age of 39. What do you think?



Adam Levine on People
Adam Levine on People

OMG, the last one is a male! As entitled, Adam Levine was selected “the sexist man alive” by People. And this is the first time People made musical artist as the cover figure. Now I’m becoming to wonder how many ladies will be crazy at him.


What do you think of these TOP 10 Cover Stars? Let us know what you think. And never forget to shop on and get fashionable hair products especially celebrity wigs !

The Sexiest Magazine Cover Stars in 2013 TOP 10 (Part 1)

When it comes the end of the year, there is always topics about who have been selected the hottest cover figures in 2013. Beyonce will be surely standing in the line,  and who else?


Kate Moss on Esquire
Kate Moss on Esquire

It’s been 17 years since Kate Moss as the cover for men’s magazines, and this time she was photographed for the British version of Esquire wearing a transparent one-piece garment decorated with jewelries and massy hairstyle shoulder loose straightened blonde hair. This makes it worth waiting for so many years.


Erica Packer on Vogue
Erica Packer on Vogue

Maybe some of you don’t know much about her. As a super model in Australia, Erica Packer was selected as the cover of Vogue was not by chance. This is her first time accepting the interview since her divorce with her wealthy ex-husband. The dress fits so well on her and makes her even more gorgeous with the beautiful tight Up-do hairstyle.


Beyonce on Flaunt
Beyonce on Flaunt

No one can replace Beyonce in the field of music. With this bold and adventurous shinny body sequin painting, who dares to say she is hotter or sexier then Beyonce? To flatter her body painting, Beyonce made her hair all pushed back and flattened on the cover of Flaunt.


Miranda Kerr on Marie Claire
Miranda Kerr on Marie Claire

It seems that the divorce of Miranda and “Elf Prince” Orlando never affects her charm. She is still elegant and energetic in front of people. Look at her wearing this sexy black dress with her layered middle part long blonde hairstyles, on the cover of Australian version of Marie Claire in June, 2013.


Miley Cyrus on Cosmopolitan
Miley Cyrus on Cosmopolitan

Cover of the English version of Cosmopolitan in December, 2013. Miley Cyrus is indeed the representative of sexiness. She always wears a short hair, but this doesn’t seem creepy at all to match her feminine dress.


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Get the Look: Be Purple with Hair Extensions and Lace Front Wig


Get the look: being beautifully purple
Get the look: being beautifully purple

What’s your favorite color? Will you try a overall purple outfit?

It’s indeed a challenge to wear purple from top to bottom because you have to care much about the match of the color to avoid either it’s too dark or too light. However, it’s so tempting for ladies to try this romantic purple color, especially to try a purple hairstyle. I bet you can almost recall the appreciation in his eyes.

If you prefer to have purple highlights, then getting yourself a purple hair extensions is OK. Clip in hair extensions only takes a few minutes to apply and they are very easy to remove. I would like to recommend this style of hair extensions to you.

Purple Clip In Hair Extensions
If you are not in a hurry, why not try a human hair lace front  wig which can be restyled such as change the color or make different curls to it? As DIY your own wigs becomes a more and more popular trend, many people tends to get the human hair wig to create a totally different wig they desire. Let’s see how this girl made her own human hair wig from by watching the video:


The wig online store now is holding a big promotion for all its customers, loyal and new. Ladies want to get beautiful hair products at clearance prices, never miss the chance to get wigs as low as $29 and and other hair products up to 70% off!