HAIR LOSS should not be a Embarrassment

As a wig website , we have heard so much voice about hair loss , and how hard they are suffering like these :
–“Hi good day i am really desperate for a way to hide my front baldness i have been suffering from hair loss most my life i am 34yrs a mother of two girls i saw a lot of good reviews on your your hair pieces i was wondering if you offer any discounts im getting really depressed an very insecure i dont even want to go out cause of it can you please help me ”
–Hello.. I hope u will be able to help me , as iv just started my treatment of chemotherapy I was looking for the perfect wig and come across your site a few days ago , and iv Found the perfect one , the only problem I’m getting is in your selection boxes ei: length size and cap size , but it’s not giving me the option on what colour cap I shall need , it’s a full lace wig that I would like to purchase and it’s the light coloured cap that I’d need , how do I add this to my order please ? Thank you so much on your reply”

Are you one of them ?
What did you do to your hair loss problem ?

Today ,we dont want to offer you which product should you purchase , and offer you any promotion . We just want to say : you are beautiful as you are . If yo are one of them who are suffer this , dont be afraid . We wish that you could show yourself to others , although you have almost bald top on your head . You could show it by video , by pic . Like some of our reviewers . And you will know that how much does that mean to others .
Here is one of our reviewer ,who is a real customer of ours .
i love this hair so much i bought two!!! this is my first topper of all time. when i first received the blonde i wasnt used to so much hair on my face and i was impatient so i cut the bangs and too short! then i paid someone to cut it and thin it out, then i cut again, then i tried to dye it dark ash blonde to match my hair and when i tried it on again it was 1 inch shorter than my own hair. the darker color does match my hair easily but i am leaning so much to the blonde.

And her video:

And here is another customer who show herself :

We hope you could know that you are not alone with this . There are so many women are with you .

Show yourself !

Story with my wigs


We Are Looking Forward To Listening Your Story


As a customer service of, I am told by more and more clients that wig products are changing the lives of people who suffer from the hair loss. I have to say that I am so impressed every time when hearing this kind of story, and also kind of proud for working into the wig career.

Share your story to let more people see that things will always be better if you find the right way and right products. Your story will inspire people who feel hopeless and helpless.

Send your experience, story and review pictures to, you will get considerable cash credit(10~100 cash credits)


“I just wanted to tell you that your wigs have changed my life. I used to be not self confident, but with your high quality wigs, I now am. Even though I only own 1 wig from your company due to money :(, your service is amazing and I have so much joy to know a company such as yours is around. I also make Youtube videos in which I will be starting to do reviews and such. But anyways, thank you, for CHANGING my life.”–Chris Rawlin


“Thank you, you changed my life. :D” –Anitha Godwin


“I love this hair so much i bought two!!! this is my first topper of all time. when I first received the blonde i wasnt used to so much hair on my face and i was impatient so i cut the bangs and too short! then i paid someone to cut it and thin it out, then i cut again, then i tried to dye it dark ash blonde to match my hair and when i tried it on again it was 1 inch shorter than my own hair. the darker color does match my hair easily but i am leaning so much to the blonde.” – Msgreentea63ef782dccc2b12079a80d18dc83b723

“I adore Uniwigs, I started to lose my hair due to stress as my lil girl has a fatal genetic disorder and really felt lost, ugly and ashamed. I tried other wigs and they all looked exactly like that…a wig. Then I discovered Uniwigs and now….I love my 20 minutes every morning doing my make up and deciding which wig today. I have always loved ombre hair or trendy cuts/colours and Uniwigs offers them all. Every wig is made with love, care and professional. My daughter loves them as even she says they make mum smile and look cool!! 🙂 Buy you will NOT be disappointed. Really friendly and helpful and adore them, thank you Uniwigs…just thank you”   – Jen Justjen

How will you feel when you first wear a wig?

Hairstyle is so important, isn’t it? So what’s your feeling when you first were a wig? Let’s check people’s reaction when they first wear a wig:

 1.”I love fake hair, so this was a fun experiment for me. The roots on the wig were no joke, but I thought it actually looked pretty good on. ” ​—Elisa  

first wig1


2.”I felt hot in the wig, by which I mean that I immediately began sweating along my brow line. I have never had long hair before and certainly don’t plan to again because it felt like there were curtain drapes on my face — and they were itchy, stale, glass noodle curtain drapes, specifically.​” ​—Alex


first wig2


3.”I felt like (A) I definitely have a huge head, (B) long, one-length hair is kind of awesome and made me feel strong, and (C) wigs are weird​.” ​—Emily

first wig3


4.”It was really ticklish! I found myself stroking the hair a little more than usual because the texture was so different from my hair — it was soft, and I felt a little like I was a Labradoodle with mermaid-length fur.” Helin


first wig4


5. “I felt like a Viking. That is all.” ​—Robert


first wig5

WearIng Uniwigs & Sharing City View

event1We believe each street, house or building has its own unique beauty and story. You may walk through them every day.

Now take a photo about city view with your UniWigs and write City’s name + #UniCityView to get the chance to win$100 Cash Credits via Instagram and Facebook.  ( You can post the picture via Instagram and Facebook or send them to

The one lucky uniGirl will be announced via Instagram and Facebook on 12/25. So tag away & let the features begin!

Customer Voice for Uniwigs Red Mermaid Ariel Sythentic Wig

I’ve been a long time client of UNIWIGS products.  How better to change one’s look temporarily than with extensions, clip-ins and wigs?! PLUS they treat their customers like GOLD to boot.

You’ve seen my blog outfits take a new personality when I use my favorite extensions.  It really helps define certain hair styles on dark hair like mine – most especially in photos.  I can’t commit to a permanent hair change and these products truly helped me express myself the way I intended to.

Today I trekked out to UNIWIGS warehouse and met the people behind my orders.  The owner and his assistant welcomed us and in to their facility and showed us the magic behind filling their client’s orders.  It was a pleasure spending time with them and seeing all the great products offered in person.  I felt like a VIP as they have never opened their doors to another. I was offered a basket full of their products and was helped in to a few pieces.  This post is featuring a new synthetic front lace design #SLO1003  <<CLICK HERE>>.  I was fitted in to a snug hair cap and the owner helped position it in place.

I have to say… I look GOOD in as a red head!  I styled it to part to one side and it was very easy to do with their special wig brush.  As I’ve experienced before with the extensions I own from them – the synthetic hair is soft, thick and luxurious.  I combed through it with my nails and it bounced right back in to it’s memorized curl.

What a transformation.  I look like a completely different person and my experience wearing my first lace front wig is amazing!  It isn’t heavy and the special hair cap kept me cool and comfortable even in today’s Southern California day of 80 degrees.

Here is a great alternative to reinventing your look for this new year.  I know I LOVE every single piece I wore today and will share a couple of more this coming week.

There’s a BIG Christmas sale going on now and suggest you take a visit and pick up some of their goodies.  They ship WORLDWIDE too!

Leave a comment and will message you once this style is up on their site for us all to own.  Who’s excited?!  Is there a color you would like to try?  Tell me.. tell me!

Remember:  The sky is the LIMIT and let your creativity run free my friends.  <3

Hair Tips to deal with shedding of weft hair extensions

So you have to admit that it is normal that weft hair extensions would shed as time goes by. Question is when it becomes to shed and how to deal with it. No worries, we are here to help!

Shedding of Weft Extensions

If you have your weft hair extensions starting to shed and the hair keeps slipping out of the track. You may ave to think about the two reasons which cause weft hair extensions to shed:
* You just got a bad quality weft hair extensions and whatever you do won’t help.

* The weft hair is strong enough, but there is no treatment like sewing or gluing after cutting.

So when you choose a hair weft, try to buy from a reputated store. Check carefully of the details of the weft hair extensions, like the specifications, pics something like that. UniWigs Weft Hair Extensions is made from high quality Malysian remy human hair, and they are carefully made to give you a great experience. Most importantly, they are customer proofed which you can see from the pics below.

Natural Straight Remy Human Hair Weft
Natural Straight Remy Human Hair Weft


Body Wave Remy Human Hair Weft


As for the treatment you can do to deal with or prevent shedding of your weft hair extensions, here are useful tips would help you.

1. Sewing again after cutting. When you received your weft hair extensions, usually you would cut it into different length, however, that’s very important to sew the weft again after you cut them.
2. Allow careful styling, washing and combing in daily life to expand the life span of your weft hair extensions.
3. Wipe some glue in the place of the cutting for security. Allow the glue to completely dry before applying the weft to your hair.

Customer Voice of Nicolette Synthetic Capless Wig

If you search UniWigs on YouTube, you will find some customer reviews about this brand. You may don’t want to view all the videos about the special wigs, but you will like to read this post if you are going to get a middle-length synthetic wig from an online shop.


So today we will talk about this Nicolette wig, which is made with 100% Japanese Kanekalon top quality synthetic fiber to make the wig light weight and look more realistic in regards to color and texture. The Nicolette wig has face framing blunt fringe bangs and long, smooth tresses. The long layers allow for lots of movement. The edge of the longer layers are razor cut to give a feathered look that will gently curl inwards towards your neck.



With this Nicolette Synthetic Capless wig on, you will look very much younger and beautiful which you can see from the photo show below.

Customer Show of S81001
Customer Show of S81001-14-26

About the details of the video of the customer review, we recommend you ladies to watch the video below:

Tyrina Lace Front Wig Review

A super gorgeous wig on sale! Only $229.9 for a Indian Remy Human Hair Lace front wig with free shipping! Check out UniWigs weekly deal for the details now.

You will like this wig:

Top quality Indian remy human hair (Tangle Free + Long Lasting), lace front construction with wefted back gives you a natural front hairline, extremly comfortable on the scalp.

A straight wig with slight natural wave.

tyrina natural straight Indian remy human hair lace front wig
Tyrina Lace Front Wig


Customer Show of L0028
Customer Show of L0028


Here is a review of this wig which we want to share with you:

(for the protection of this customer’s privacy, we will omit her name and photos)

“ I’ve bought a few wigs over the last few weeks, since I’m suffering some real hair loss. I haven’t been certain as to what style or type of hair I’d want, but when this one arrived, I fell in love.

It helps that the color (4, medium brown) perfectly matches my own – you can’t tell my natural hair from the wig’s hair. Most of the other pieces I’ve ordered are 1B, extremely dark and would require me to get them recolored for a more natural look. For a natural brunette like me, this compliments my hazel eyes and skin tone much better than the black wigs I’ve gotten. Straight out of the box the way it is, I could have this thing on and be out the door within minutes with no fuss or need to style/re-color.

I don’t think the photos does the color justice. The hair has warm brown and red highlights and feels amazing and light. Very natural. I had a similar synthetic I was practicing wearing around in preparation of dropping some cash on real human hair. While I felt the quality was great for the price on my synthetic, this one blows it away in quality.

It’s not big and crazy like a Tina Turner style, which makes me feel awkward as I’ve had thin hair all my life and I’m not used to big, puffy styles. This wig sits against my head without sticking out and looking comedic on me. I am barely aware it’s there, it’s so light. I’ve had trouble with other wigs being quite heavy and uncomfortable, but this one is like I grew my own head of hair.

I also love the baby hairs along the edge of the forehead. It’s very fine and wispy and acts like natural baby hair. Not like longer hair that was trimmed down and sticks out in clumps and looks unnatural. (Some of my other pieces have awkward baby wisps I’ve got to deal with.)

The medium size cap also fits me very well; not loose or tight at all. A big pro to this wig: this is the first wig with a cap that has adjustable straps at the back! I’ve been very disappointed to find that 5 of the other wigs I’ve had, the caps that just come in one size that you can’t adjust. This one, however, I am surprised to discover has the elastic bands to help resize the cap for a better fit. Very pleased!

I’ve experienced some shedding, but nothing drastic (and nothing like my own hair that comes out more than it should). The length is great, leaves a lot of room for styling. I would highly recommend this style for anybody who wanted to give it a shot, especially hair loss sufferers like me. I actually feel natural and confident, without a really “wiggy” look!

I’m glad I took the risk of trying this wig. I will definitely add it to my must-have list and order more in the future!”


Oh, you may also like to view these two videos and watch others about this wig:

Customer Review of Clip in Hair Extensions

We have new arrivals of human hair extensions for you! We know you would like to add extra colors, or lengths, or thickness to your hair, so this would be a great way for you to choose and have a new look in the new season!

And before that, we would like to recommend this customer’s review of it. You can also view the Italian version of it on her blog.


“ Hi girls! I got this extensions from a company called UniWigs a little time ago. I chose the extension with the effect of shadows or shatush because my hair is so true.

Package 1
UniWigs Logo

The extensions are clip in extensions and there are 7 pieces of them in the package: with one piece of 4 clips, two pieces of 3 clips and 4 pieces of 2 clips. The extensions are 26” inches long which I think it’s really great. The only flaw of the extensions may be that they are made with synthetic fiber.
package 2

package 3

At first, since I am not an expert on these gizmos, I found myself in trouble, but as I’ve really tried to fix them on my head, I started to apply them almost once a week. Unfortunately, when I chose the product I have seen that were synthetic hair, so I really could not use iron or other tools. The price varies by different textures they are made with and mine cost $39.69, you can check them our on their site.

With regard to the product I can not complain, perhaps because it is the first time I use the extension but are not so bad. It is a good product to change hairstyle whenever you want.

With regard to customer service are very nice and even so available , in fact I had a small problem with the site but they helped me right away.

With respect to shipments but I say SUPER SUPER fast! On February 8th, accepted payment and 10th I was called by the courier to get this beautiful package.

Customer Show of E72604
Customer Show of E72604

What can I say , I promote this entirely! ”


Will you try this out at this occasions of Women’s Day?